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Hi BEx community,

Not rare a BEx Query goes into debug mode when you test it in transaction RSRT due to an exception raised during the query execution.

Here I will show you an easy step to increase drastically the chance to find the SAP note with the code correction you need to solve that issue, just by using the correct key words for a search.

When debugger shows up, it stops at the BREAK-POINT  below:

As the image suggests, it gives you the chance to find out the report id, include and code line where the exception is raised. Just double-click on each of the parameters commented and write-down this information.

In this example, the report id is a class and the include is the method of that class.



Code line: 37

Now, just go to Object Navigator (SE80) transaction, open the respective class and method and locate the code line. In case the exception is raised on a report/form or function, search for that on the corresponding type (you can also go directly to SE38 for reports, SE37 for FMs or SE24 for class/methods) and open the source code.

Take a quick look at the source code to see if you can get additional information from it. In this case, we can easily see that something went wrong when FM RRI_REPORT_IMPORT_AND_CHECK was in process.

Now we know some very important technical key words to use on a search on Market Place.

I would try some combinations of key words on note search, like these ones for instance:





This is a very basic technic to get the right technical terms for a good search but it will increase a lot the chance to find the correct note for the issue.

If you are keen in debugging, you can also set a breakpoint at the code line and debug the issue further by restarting query execution. You can get closer from the reason the exception happened and narrow down the issue even more.

Some other insights you can have is to check the package of the report id and find out which application component it belongs to. This can help either in the search to restrict notes for component or to open an incident to the right expertise area, in case you were not able to find the solution following these steps :wink:

Below is a screen-print showing how to find the application component.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope it helps.

Eduardo Provenzano

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