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Experience is everything, and moments matter.

To say that people are eager to get back to life as we remember it, including getting together at sporting events, concerts, and cultural gatherings that shape our world and connect us, would be an understatement. Who hasn’t craved getting caught up in the roar of the crowd in the closing minutes of a big game? Who hasn’t missed feeling that swell of emotion as the band hits the familiar refrain with thousands of people singing in unison?

Fact is, “being there” delivers the kinds of meaningful experiences that literally disappeared for well over a year, for every person in every place. And now, people are more than ready to make up for lost time and re-engage with their fellow humans on a new level to feel it all again. We missed that, and seems we took in for granted. Knowing that, now what?

DAIMANI is looking to level up the VIP experience for in-person events, door to door. With the first and only worldwide platform for VIP hospitality packages, DAIMANI is leveraging the power of SAP Business Technology Platform to create a one-stop-shop for tickets, transportation, lodging, dining, nightlife, and other recommendations surrounding an event to convert customer service into a premium, personalized VIP customer experience.

Raising the Bar in the World of VIP Hospitality

In our latest Better Together episode, Max Mueller, CEO, DAIMANI, talks about how DAIMANI has taken what was typically considered a transaction-based market and created an experiential opportunity for brands and customers alike.

We also hear from Kevin L. Jackson, CEO, GC GlobalNet, who shares his thoughts on how technology is shaping customer experiences on a global scale in our post-pandemic world.

  • For the podcast, Thulium CEO Tamara McCleary, discusses the approach DAIMANI is using to turn a fragmented, piecemeal process over multiple platforms into a single, seamless experience to revolutionize customer experience.

  • In the LinkedIn session, I talked with Max about crossing language and currency barriers, and the importance of using integration, extension, and analytics to optimize, innovate, and grow as quickly as DAIMANI has.

Here are a few highlights from the discussion:

It’s About More Than Just Events

In many ways, it feels like our world has started to spin again. Finally there’s more distance between the global lockdowns. The venues, along with the businesses, the industries, that surround and support them, are beginning to come back and return to catering to the desire for in-person events. As Max noted, “Human beings want to be together with other human beings.”

That desire, he says, is creating a noticeable shift in priorities. In fact, in some countries the trend is moving away from luxury goods purchases and towards luxury or premium experiences. “It’s more important to have a good time together with your friends or family,” Max says.

As Max and DAIMANI know, that good time doesn’t just begin and end with a special event.

DAIMANI creates a more enjoyable, complete experience around an event. They can help their customers align and book dining, transportation, nightlife, gifts, and lodging into a single package, removing the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and eliminating friction for businesses’ VIP customers.

With the potential for easily ten intertwined purchase points surrounding an event, the opportunity to satisfy the need for a smooth, seamless experience that incorporates all the elements has long existed.

And as Kevin adds, “Customer experience is really about being relevant to what the customer expects and needs at that moment.” With the SAP Business Technology Platform as a foundation, DAIMANI has built a platform to meet the customers’ needs and expectations.

Bringing a Fragmented Marketplace Together

Creating a single marketplace to enhance customer experiences while providing the VIP treatment has been no small feat. How do you go from customer service to customer experience?

“The first key thing is you want to be independent,” Max says. DAIMANI works with any vendor, including those that would consider each other competitors. On DAIMANI’s platform, it’s all about bringing everyone together to serve the customers.

But this type of integration can be challenging. At times DAIMANI has faced significantly fragmented ecosystems, with a technology gap of upwards of 40 years — a lightspeed leap from “then” to the future of “now.” Max says, “We’ll be working with venues that have an ecosystem from the 1980s, and then we have venues which already have biometrics access control.” SAP’s API framework has been a critical tool to connect ecosystems and smooth the process for buyers and vendors.

Along the way, there have been other challenges to overcome including languages, currencies, and other logistical factors. Currently DAIMANI supports seven different languages, 70 different currencies, and 30 different payment mechanisms, and more to come with the global rollout of the platform.

Beyond the measurables, however, there’s a transparency and trust that Max and DAIMANI deliver. Issues of scalping and counterfeit ticket sales have plagued events for just about as long as events have been happening. With their platform, DAIMANI is able to help people — especially across borders and language barriers — side-step fraud and uncertainty.

Customer Experiences Beyond VIP

While creating an extremely personal and premium event experience is DAIMANI’s primary vision, these innovations and the technology behind them aren't just applicable to VIP customer experiences.

Any business, B2B or B2C, can make use of these scalable technologies to be more efficient in connecting people. It enables them to not only streamline their processes, but to work better with partner vendors, uncover new lines of revenue, and provide customers with a friction-free experience.

Inspiring Automation and Seamless Experiences

At a time when the world was locked down and events were nonexistent, DAIMANI pushed the envelope to enhance their return with premium customer experiences. It’s a tremendous example of seamless integration in real-time, on a global scale. And it can be a roadmap to how businesses use the SAP Business Technology Platform to create even more opportunities. For example:

Be a Part of the Conversation

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