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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Technology and humanity are often cast as opposites. While it’s true that tech has taken over many of the tasks that we used to do, it has also brought people together and supported them in ways we never could have imagined.

Tech has allowed us to excel by being more efficient and accurate while still leveraging the human intelligence that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can’t replicate. We strive to balance out what can be automated and run by AI and what needs a human touch — but it isn’t always either/or. One prime example of how AI and bot automation combines with human expertise is Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources: AI for HR.

Technology has allowed businesses to reach out to an infinite number of candidates, but the resulting glut of responses can be counterproductive and overwhelming. On the candidate side, applying for a job can be as easy as hitting a button, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’re applying for the best job for their skills, experience, growth, value, and satisfaction.

For the latest episode of Better Together: Customer Conversations, we’re talking about how technology can augment human intelligence, especially in the HR arena. Flexso for People built an HR platform that can reduce the burden on recruiters and provide job seekers with more relevant offerings.

Flexso for People: Using SAP BTP to Improve Recruiting

Using SAP SuccessFactors and SAP BTP, Flexso for People built a platform to intelligently match job candidates with vacancies. The solution, Recruiter Cockpit, scans vacancies for the skills and competencies necessary to the position. Then the app matches candidates to vacancies using direct and indirect information found in SAP SuccessFactors applications. The Recruiter Cockpit uses AI to streamline and improve the experience for recruiters and job seekers alike.

Benefits to Recruiters

  • Find the Best People: Narrowing down applications allows recruiters to do what they do best: find the best people for the job. Resume matching avoids the time-consuming task of reading over a glut of applications, with the likelihood being that many would not be a good match and vice versa. It goes a step further and suggests other open positions that the candidate may fit. A person may not be right for job A but the resume matching app can flag that they are perfect for B, even if they didn’t apply for it.

  • Saves Key Resources: Money and Time: Resume matching reduces resources spent on interviews or hires that ultimately don’t work out. Best match practices mean that recruiters won’t waste time reviewing candidates that less than ideal matches for a particular role. Not only does this reduce the time and resources spent on interviewing, but it can also prevent a hire that ultimately doesn’t work out because the talent pool considered for the role didn’t include the right people.

Benefits to Candidates

  • Find the Right Jobs: Job-seekers can use the AI-powered chatbot to enter in their skills and qualifications and receive personalized job listings. This can be vital when a company’s open positions are numerous and frequent.

  • Get Feedback: Based on recruiter responses to profiles, candidates can get specific feedback about the suitability of their skills and experience for a particular position. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of applying and helps candidates streamline their searches.

Benefits to HR 

  • Reduces Bias: AI-powered matching can potentially reduce subconscious bias in hiring practices by presenting candidates as the sum of their skills and experience, not their demographic information (although algorithms can bring their own biases).

Hear all about Flexso’s journey, along with other relevant AI applications, in the latest installment of Better Together: Customer Conversation.

On the podcast episode, Tamara McCleary interviews Tom Mentens, HR Transformation Consultant at Flexso for People, and David Pierre, Partner at Flexso Digital to hear:

  • Where AI for HR is now and where it will be going in the future

  • The challenges and opportunities involved in using AI for recruiting

  • The problems Flexso was looking to solve with their solution

Join me for the LinkedIn Live session to learn more about Flexso’s experience and lessons learned while building the platform.

Tom Mentens and David Pierre give the inside scoop on:

  • Examples of AI influencers HR transformation

  • The response so far from recruiters and job seekers

  • The advantages of building their service on SAP

  • What it was like to design on SAP platforms

  • What a ePaaS model is and how it is used by clients

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Register at to check out the podcast and the LinkedIn session. And remember, I’m always looking for feedback! Let me know topics you’d like to hear about and suggest questions we should be asking. You can also contact us if you’d like to be a guest on an episode.

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