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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Today’s IT landscapes are increasingly distributed across corporate data centers and multiple clouds. Business processes are supported by heterogeneous applications and composable modules - all producing and needing to exchange data with other systems, making automation and seamless interactions challenging at best. Plus, there is a growing need to collaborate with customers and partners across value chains to avert supply chain disruption, increase efficiency, and improve sustainability. These business objectives make connecting internal and external systems a tall priority.

Integration challenges become business challenges

Business value can only be achieved when integration challenges are addressed: integrating the growing volume of applications (cloud and on-premises), integrating end-to-end internal and external processes, and integrating the data required to automate and digitalize your business - especially as IT landscapes become more distributed across corporate data centers and multiple clouds.

To drive business value and innovation, companies must reimagine their IT landscapes, redesign their architecture to deliver personalized and intelligent experiences, accelerate project timelines across diverse technologies, and flexibly adapt to rapidly changing business needs. This can all be achieved with smarter integration.

Watch all the sessions from the SAP virtual summit on modernizing your integration landscape.

Comprehensive integration capabilities in one solution

Technology teams need to accelerate business outcomes by delivering seamless business processes more efficiently and at scale. To do this, a modern integration platform is needed while safeguarding your existing investments.

SAP has three decades of innovation in the integration space, from on-premises solutions, such as SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO) and SAP Process Integration (SAP PI), to our cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) technology, SAP Integration Suite. Today, the suite is one of the most popular solution offerings in SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), and central to the platform as the enabler of end-to-end business processes across lines of business, partners, and third-party applications.

With SAP Integration Suite, you can use one solution to integrate everything inside and outside of your data center. You can accelerate connectivity to SAP and non-SAP applications with prebuilt integration flows, connectors to hundreds of systems, thousands of APIs, and other capabilities that simplify integration. Connecting everyone in real-time becomes a reality with event-driven architectures and intelligent technology that help you to automate end-to-end business processes to gain efficiency and visibility.

Migrating means moving your business forward

SAP Integration Suite supports all forms of modern-day integration patterns, along with prebuilt content and intelligent technology built in to help accelerate the development of new integration scenarios, both internally and externally. It provides many advantages over legacy technology, like SAP Process Integration (SAP PI) or SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO), and SAP makes it easy to migrate while making the most of your current investments.

Not only does SAP Integration Suite provide comprehensive capabilities to address a full range of integration challenges, but it also comes with unique accelerators to help you achieve results faster - whether your applications are on-premises, in multiple clouds, or in hybrid landscapes.

Our customers who migrate to SAP Integration Suite can:

  • Connect SAP and third-party systems efficiently

  • Accelerate connectivity from day one

  • Enable real-time secure communications

  • Flexibly integrate hybrid and multi-cloud landscapes

  • Modernize with confidence

Migration customer success

Iconic department store and luxury brand, Harrods, wanted to modernize their integration technology while supporting their priorities in a phased migration. One of their strategic principles was to leverage the benefits of cloud and as-a-service solutions wherever possible to meet fast changing business dynamics. Harrods wanted a more scalable and flexible solution that could help them to easily grow into their future needs.

The company adopted SAP Integration Suite, while still simultaneously running SAP PO, to establish a hybrid landscape connecting several SAP and third-party cloud and on-premises systems. Harrods was able to reuse 60% of existing content in the SAP PO Enterprise Services Repository reducing efforts when migrating some of their workloads to SAP Integration Suite. Ultimately, they were able to show a 40% reduction in TCO across their integration landscape with this phased migration approach and leveraging SAP Integration Suite for their immediate needs.

Modernizing your integration landscape

SAP Integration Suite provides all the mature cloud integration capabilities you’re used to from SAP, but also goes a step further. We focus on the business processes you’re building out which encompass all your integration needs - between your applications, business partners, and government entities. We focus on making it simpler for you to connect all those applications and organizations.

SAP Integration Suite is an open platform and supports working together with other tools and solutions to help fit into whatever lifecycle management processes you have in place and into the best practices you’ve developed as an organization.

Watch all the sessions from the SAP virtual summit on modernizing your integration landscape.

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