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 SAP MaxDB Highlights

SAP MaxDB 7.9.09 is now available

SAP MaxDB 7.9.09 is now available for download. Version 7.9.09 now supports a database size of up to 32 TB (see SAP note 2179510 and keep in mind not to cross the 16 TB limit with database versions below 7.9.09).

SAP MaxDB Database Studio 7.9.09 is now available

SAP MaxDB Database Studio 7.9.09 is now available for download. Version 7.9.09 now supports graphical analysis of theDatabase Analyzer performance metrics using charts.

For more information, please access the Database Analyzer Charts entry in SAP Help page.

You can also check the expert session in,
Session 22: SAP MaxDB Database Analyzer / Charts.

 SAP MaxDB Installation and Upgrade

SAP Installation on SAP MaxDB

In the installation central page, you can find several comprehensive technical documents organized by area and release. Master, Installation, Upgrade Configuration and System Copy Guides are available. Note that whenever a SAP Installation takes place there are several pre-requirements that should be performed, so SAP recommendation is to proceed exactly according to the required guide to avoid any issue.

The guides can be downloaded from the link:

Remark: You should look for the SAP MaxDB related guide for the specific SAP product you are about to install.

SAP MaxDB Upgrade Specific

For a detailed and complete description about the upgrade procedure, you should refer to the following specific SAP upgrade documentation.

Upgrade to SAP MaxDB Database 7.9: UNIX
Upgrade to SAP MaxDB Database 7.9: Microsof Windows
Upgrade to SAP MaxDB Database 7.8: UNIX
Upgrade to SAP MaxDB Database 7.8: Microsoft Windows

 SAP MaxDB Patching

Unix/Linux and Microsoft Windows Platforms: SAP MaxDB Patches

The latest SAP MaxDB patches are available on SWDC. It is recommended to install the latest patch.

Installing a SAP MaxDB Patch

Use SDBUPD tool to install SAP MaxDB patch as described in the SAP note 735598.

Installations in older SAP MaxDB Versions

For  older SAP MaxDB versions please read the SAP note:

498036 – Overview note: installing SAP MaxDB/liveCache versions

Microsoft Cluster Services

For upgrade, patching and installation information on Microsoft Cluster Services, please read SAP notes:

1855747 - Overview: Update of SAP MaxDB/liveCache/CS in MSCS environment
2285886 - MSCS: Update of the SAP Content Server MaxDB DB in MSCS Env.
1858744 - Overview: Installation of SAP MaxDB/liveCache/CS in MSCS environment

Please also read SAP note 1672252 for more information on how to locate and download SAP MaxDB patches.

 SAP MaxDB Database Studio

SAP MaxDB Database Studio is a database tool with which you can manage SAP MaxDB databases of version 7.6 and higher. You can use Database Studio on all operating systems supported by the database system. It is a component of the SAP MaxDB software.

Database Studio runs on the Eclipse platform. For more information about this tool please read the
following SAP notes:

1464618 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB Database Studio
1320057 - Missing/changed functions in Database Studio
1097311 - SAP MaxDB Database Studio Installation
2213168 - Problems when Database Studio is launched

Also, check the Database Studio 7.9 News page.

For more information about SAP MaxDB administration with Database Studio, please check the
following topic:

SAP MaxDB Database Studio on SAP Help

 SAP MaxDB Features list

Consider reading following SAP notes post concerning this topic for a more detailed list of the latest new features.

1444241 - Feature List for SAP MaxDB 7.9
1364181 - Feature List for SAP MaxDB 7.8

 SAP MaxDB Key Topics

Find resources for administering your SAP MaxDB database with an SAP system, refer to
following topics:

SAP MaxDB Database Administration
Backup and Recovery
Performance and tuning
SAP MaxDB Security Guide
Handling of database corruptions by SAP Support
SAP MaxDB/liveCache: Detection Tool for Database Corruptions


 Further SAP MaxDB content

To stay tuned with all SAP MaxDB related community, refer to following links:

SCN Community

SAP MaxDB Wiki

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