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As you all know by now that Lumira 2.0 combines the two famously available products Lumira Desktop (1.x) and Design Studio (1.x) under  one umbrella brand  rebranded  as Lumira 2.0 with the Discovery and Designer as two tools renamed for Lumira Desktop and Design Studio . It was just not about rebranding  but  there was a underlying technology convergence as well between these products which helps both the products features  extendable  to each other and as well helps for better use cases.

Both the products Lumira Desktop and Design Studio had its SDK which was primarily used to develop the extensions like Visualisation extensions for Lumira , Data access extensions for Lumira  and Design studio components (Both Visualisations as well as Data access). As these extensions  deliver some of the core add on values to our customers who  have been using these products , We  would continue to support the SDK  extensions and the components from 1.x to 2.0  as well and our main objective would be to support our developers of these SDK extensions and components to seamlessly migrate to 2.0 and support  their customers.


However, with the technology migration from 1.x to 2.0 , we had taken a conscious call where-in we moved away from supporting the SAP UI5  (including Open UI5 as we) commons library to the sap .m library standards . Now, what it means to our developers is if they have developed any Extensions or Components using the SAP UI5 commons library , then would have to migrate to the SAP UI5 sap.m (  library.


This blog , i will try best to keep more of handy as root blog for the  upcoming blogs on some of the best practices which can be followed by you as a developer to get your extensions UP and Running to Lumira 2.0 .  So , instead blogging everything here , will try and keep this space indexed with the upcoming blogs and their links as  below.


  1. Let me begin first with the changes in the framework level which we had done with which we are moving from the SAP Ui5 commons library to sap.m changes . Please click the link below for complete  details.

Migrating your SAP Lumira Discovery Extensions from SAP UI5 commons to sap.m API


Will be adding more to this in the upcoming days .. Keep watching this space !!!