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Installation and Version Requirements:-

1. SAP BI Platform 4.1 SP04 or later with “Mobile Services” installed on BI Platform (installed by default) – please refer “Mobile_Server_Deployment_and_Configuration_Guide” Section 4 for more details, go to .

2. SAP Lumira, server for BI platform 1.29 (“Mobile Web Applications” checked by default for installation) – please refer “SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform Installation and Administration Guide”, Section for more details, go to .

3. SAP BusinessObjects Mobile client App version 6.3 or later for iPad.

Assuming that “Mobile Services” is already installed as part of BI platform as mentioned above in #1, there could be two scenarios as below:

  • Install Scenario 1:- Fresh install of SAP Lumira, Server for BI Platform 1.29 or later. Requires “Mobile Web Applications” to be selected during installation (checked by default). This needs to be done on top of SAP BI Platform which has “Mobile Services” already installed with the platform installation.

  • Install Scenario 2:- Upgrade or update install of SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform 1.29 or later. In this case the base installer of SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform needs to be re-run in Modify mode from the Control Panel “Add and Remove Programs” to install the “Mobile Web Application” component, this enables “Mobile Services” already installed by BI platform for SAP Lumira content support.

Device Support:-

We recommend devices used for SAP Lumira consumption on Mobile should have at least 1GB in memory for a better user experience. The recommended devices are iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 4 and future higher spec Apple releases. SAP Lumira content is currently supported only on iPad.

Lumira Document Design Guidelines

We recommend Lumira Story be designed in Wide Screen format with multiple pages, while designing the Story in the Compose Room of SAP Lumira desktop as shown below.

Widescreen is the default format with templates including Overview and Slide Show. Other Page Layouts for SAP Lumira are also supported by the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile App however there could be vertical scrolling needed.

The user can swipe through the multiple pages or toggle at the bottom of the page for easy navigation horizontally.

Document Sizing

In order to achieve optimal performance we recommend that Lumira Documents adhere to these limitations:

 Data Sources: maximum of 2

 Stories: maximum of 3 stories with a maximum of 6 parts each

 Data Volume: maximum of 10 million cells

You can access the Lumira stories online by connecting to the SAP BI platform enabled with SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform. Performance and response times while viewing documents are also dependent on the size of the document and the network bandwidth.

Note:- In this release, we don’t support downloading the Lumira stories for offline access from the Mobile Device.

Note:- SAP BusinessObjects Mobile App caches the Lumira Stories for subsequent interactions after the first load to be faster.

Designing Charts for Optimal Mobile Consumption

We recommend that charts be sized to cover at least 50% of the page so that axis labels are clearly visible.

Linking SAP Lumira documents to other documents or to an external link

When creating hyperlinks in a Lumira document to another Lumira document or to an external URL, we recommend a minimum font size of 13 pts and a minimum of 10 characters in width, which enables you to tap on it easily on the Mobile Device.

Exploring Visualizations

You can zoom in or view visualizations in full screen mode by double tapping on it, when viewing the stories in page mode. You can apply filters and Input controls as well. We recommend not to have very long list of values for the Input Control for the ease of selecting the values from the mobile device. Currently other functions including Applying Calculations, Sorting, Ranking, Chart Properties, and Do-Undo are not supported.