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As I've noticed my blog entries tend to be quite long (sorry), I've decided to break this blog into a 3 part series:

Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Using SAP Mobile Place as your app deployment solution
Part 3 - Integrating with 3rd party tools

As we've discussed in other articles, the mobile service for SAP Fiori was designed as an end-to-end service created with the purpose of simplifying the delivery and amplifying the value of Fiori apps running on mobile devices.  It was built with 3 basic personas in mind - developers (the folks that are creating/extending Fiori apps and adding mobile qualities), admin/devops (the teams that need to get the apps to end user devices and support the app and the user once it's there) and end users (you know, the people that we do all of this work for!).  When it came to how an end user is supposed to actually get a Fiori mobile app onto their device, we have always operated with two guiding principles in mind.  First, we had to have a solution.  If a customer wants to use the mobile service for app distribution/app management, we need to be able to support them, and we need to be able to have differentiating vale in doing so.  Second, if a customer has their own app management solution and prefers not to use SAP's, well that's totally fine as well.

So let's talk about the different options that you as a customer have, and in what scenarios they make sense.

For that, let's skip right to Part 2 - Using SAP Mobile Place as your app deployment solution.