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In this blog, I would like to share a set of best practices for tools, roles and environment for code quality checks for SAP ABAP development.



Code quality for ABAP development is based on 5 standard SAP components. The combination of those 5 tools is the foundation of all your quality checks in your ABAP environment.


SAP’s Code Inspector (SCI)

  • SCI performs static code checks integrated into ABAP Development Tools.


ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC)

  • ATC runs static checks for ABAP programs.

  • It re-uses the SAP’s Code Inspector (SCI) custom Code Inspector checks and variants defined by each development projects.



  • This functionality is available in any ABAP based system based on the core functionality of SAP Coverage Analyser.

  • It is used to log all called and executed ABAP units (procedures) like programs , function modules, classes, methods and subroutines

  • It contains the root information from which the ABAP unit was originally called.


CCLM (Custom Code Life-cycle Management) scenario in SAP Solution Manager

  • This is the central point of access for all functions to manage the lifecycle of custom developments from creation to deletion.

  • CCLM provides an overview of all the custom developments in your ABAP systems to identify changes and manage developments more effectively.


Focused Insights for Dashboards/Reports visualisation

  • Monitor code’s quality for each of your application with trend and history. (how the code quality increases/decreases over the time).

  • Benchmark application code usage and code quality across different projects / groups.

  • Visualise the results in Focused Insights (Trend, History, Table Renderers).




4 roles should be considered to ensure high quality code for ABAP developments.


Development Environment

The following picture provides an overview of a typical development architecture based on SAP Solution Manager and a central ATC Hub system.



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Thanks for reading.