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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


This blog complements my previous blog for ABAP code quality best practices.

In this article, I focus on how to visualise the ATC results managed by the ATC projects in the CCLM cockpit of SAP Solution Manager.

CCLM (Custom Code Life-cycle Management), based on the ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) and SCMon component, is a scenario in SAP Solution Manager providing an overview of all the custom developments in ABAP systems.

Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager provides KPIs and dashboards to:

  • Monitor code’s quality for each of your application with trend and history. (how the code quality increases/decreases over the time).

  • Benchmark application code usage and code quality across different projects / groups.



Focused Insights for Dashboards/Reports visualisation

ATC results are visualised in the OCC Dashboard of Focused Insights of SAP Solution Manager based on the Data provider for ATC: DP_ATC. 

The DP_ATC analyses the results of the ATC runs of each selected project. It supports one dimension and six metrics.

  • Dimension: ATC project in the CCLM cockpit.

  • Metrics: number of objects, violations, errors, warnings, coverage and quality.



Metrics list

Number of objects: number of objects managed in the ATC project.

Number of violations: number of objects in the ATC project with ATC errors (priority 1 and 2)

Number of errors: number of objects in the ATC project with ATC errors with priority 1.

Number of warnings: number of objects in the ATC project with ATC errors with priority 2.

Coverage: Number of objects used in the production system of the ATC project.

Quality: Quality rating of the ATC project for benchmarking.

Impact: Percentage of used object with violations.





This metric gives the number of objects of the ATC project used in the productive system of the CCLM cockpit.


Quality benchmarking

This metric provides an rating of the overall quality of the ATC project with 2 indicators:

  • Violations from 3 to 0:

    • 4: no violations

    • 3: no Errors (priority 1), no Warning (priority 2), only information violations (priority 3).

    • 2: Errors but no Warning, only information violations.

    • 1: Errors, Warning, and information violations.

  • Backlog from 5 to 0: Percentage of objects of the ATC Runs without violation.

    • 6: 100%

    • 5: 80% < 100%

    • 4: 60% < 80%

    • 3: 40% < 60%

    • 2: 20% < 40%

    • 1: 0%< 20%



  • Impact: This indicator provides a measurement of the risk associated to a set of objects contained in an ATC run: This is measured with the percentage of used object with violations (Priority 1,2 and 3)

    • 100%: Indicates that all objects with violations are used in the production system.

    • 0%: Indicates that none of the objects with violations are used in the production system.


Thanks for Reading.