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Best practiced for upgrading SAP SMP2.3 MBO server to SMP 3.0 MBO Server.





Starting December 31 2016 the SMP 2.3 MBO Runtime as well as the SMP 2.3 Software developers Kit will be end of maintenance all customers should consider upgrading to the SMP 3.0 MBO Runtime server and the SMP 3.0 Software developers kit.


There are many improvements in the SMP 3.0 as well as compatibility for the new Mobile device like iOS and Android and Windows mobile versions. There are also many improvements with the schedule maintenance of the ASA database to help keep the database clean and lot smaller. This is just a few of the many features that have been adjusted in addition there new features that are being added such as the ODATA MBOFacade so customer can have the flexibility of calling off line ODATA from the MBO.

Required Software

SAP SMP 3.0.

SAP SMP 2.3.


Local administrator account. SMP administrator account


We need to upgrade from SMP 2.3 to SMP 3.0. What path do I need to get this completed? What can I do to prevent upgrade issues to minimize down time?

Before starting an upgrade you should do the following

  • If there are any outstanding errors please resolve them before upgrading if you start out with issue you will still have issue after so it is important to address any issue that may be impacting the SMP 2.3 run time. If the upgrade is to resolve an issue then this would not apply.

  • Clean up if needed in the control center perform manual purge to clean up the logs and the database as much as you can.

  • LOGS directly clean out the old logs it is also possible to shut down the SMP server and delete the LOGS folder and create an empty one to remove any large log files.

  • Make sure all the connections to the backend database EIS system are working the installer will fail if the connection to the EIS or other database are not in working order.

  • Check to make sure you have the correct Service Pack for SMP 3.0 version to update the SMP 2.3 that you have installed. See the list below.

There are several steps that need to take place in order to update a SMP 2.3 to the SMP 3.0
If the SMP server is 2.3 SP08 upgrade to SMP 3.0 MBO runtime server 3.0 SP11 directly.

If the SMP server is any prior 2.3.x release, first upgrade to 2.3 SP08.
Then upgrade to SMP 3.0 MBO runtime server 3.0 SP11 directly.


If the SMP server is SUP 2.2.x and the goal is to upgrade to SMP 3.0 MBO runtime server 3.0 SP11, then follow these steps:

a) Upgrade from SUP 2.2.x to SMP 2.3 SP04.
b) Upgrade from SMP 2.3 SP04 to SMP 2.3 SP08.
c) Upgrade from SMP 2.3 SP08 to SMP 3.0 MBO runtime server 3.0 SP11


The SMP 3.0 MBO runtime server 3.0 SP11 is included in the base release of 3.0 SP 11, which is EBF 26273(Windows) and EBF 26274(Linux).

Once you have updated to the SMP 3.0 MBO Runtime you then can move to any Service pack or updated base for SMP 3.0 such as Pl02 and so on. NOTE If you install the SMP 3.0 SP 11 and want to go to the latest SP PL you can install the latest there is no need to install in order PL01 PL02 PL03 you can go directly to say PL05 if available the patch are cumulative the latest will have all the previous PL.


SMP 2.3 SDK upgrade to SMP 3.0 SDK.

For the most part the recommendation is to install the SMP 3.0 SDK and replace the SMP 2.3 SDK.

Once installed any application that are using the SMP 2.3 SDK should be adjusted and pointed to the SMP 3.0 SDK so the new library can be included into you application. In some cases there may be a need to adjust the application code add or subtract please refer to the online release bulletins for any updated information.


As the SMP 2.3 Runtime is coming to end and the SMP 3.0 is taking its place upgrading as soon as possible with prevent

Any down time and delays in supporting the older products. In addition because to the SMP 3.0 is more stable and has addition feature

being adding will ensure you have an updated Mobile System.