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The SAP Innovation Awards are our way to highlight the forward-thinking companies and individuals that are harnessing the power of the latest SAP products and technologies to drive innovation. And at SAP Conversational AI, most of our customers and partners do that every day, in the most innovative way possible.

But our customers go beyond. They know that innovation just for the sake of innovation doesn’t cut it anymore. Technology is a way to bring the best service to their customers or employees – in other terms, making a difference and improving people’s lives.

That’s why in this article, you’ll see great use cases showcasing the application of chatbots built with SAP Conversational AI to streamline communication inside companies, to improve customer support beyond human capacity, or to automate processes that no longer need to be executed manually.

Let’s go!

Zuellig Pharma is one of the largest healthcare service groups in Asia and they work every day to make healthcare more accessible.

For Zuellig Pharma and for most businesses, COVID-19 forced teams to work-from-home. Zuellig Pharma had no unified and integrated portal where company information could be accessed in one place. Therefore, there was a major increase in misinformation being shared internally. Communication became very important. To solve that issue, Zuellig Pharma used SAP Cloud Platform, Qualtrics and Conversational AI to create a new employee portal called ZPHub. With Single-Sign-On and role-based access, each colleague has access to information specifically tailored to them.

« ZP Digital Workspace and Employee Hub are great for present and future use, easy to access anywhere. A new digital platform to integrate all useful & frequent features. A timely tool to keep everyone in the company informed with the latest updates about COVID-19 » - Daniel Laverick, Head of SAP & IT Solutions

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Belaruski Narodny Bank, or BNB, is a mid-sized privately-owned bank in Belarus, one of the top-15 banks by its total assets.

BNB wanted to transform their customer support, facilitate access to data or convert website visitors into leads, and their current methods were not proving efficient enough. They decided that the right solution was to bring a chatbot to create a single communication channel to attract new leads and increase the satisfaction level of existing customers. Today, 40+ daily requests in customer care are managed by the bot, and they have doubled the leads generated by their web platform.

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« The invoice-checking chatbot that we created using SAP Conversational AI is helping Uniper focus on processing invoices faster. In this way, we can provide suppliers with efficient, on-time payments. » - Laszlo Gergely, Project Manager, Uniper IT

Uniper generates, trades, and markets energy as well as procuring, storing, transporting, and supplying commodities such as natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and coal in more than 40 countries.

Uniper wanted to transform their suppliers’ experience by revolutionizing the invoice process. They wanted to enable self-service reporting on payment dates, providing vendors with status updates and reduce the numbers of inquiries addressed to their support staff.

To do so, they built an invoice-check chatbot that today updates vendors automatically on the payment status of a specific invoice. Staff has gained 30% of their time, and the target of 90% of on-time payment has been met thanks to an increased productivity of invoice processing.

Discover Uniper’s invoice checking chatbot >



Parkland Hospital, located in Texas, has served Dallas County residents as a safety-net hospital for over 125 years.

Right from the start of the pandemic, Parkland Hospital was heavily impacted, like all hospitals around the world. Overnight, they needed real time access to data such as: how many beds or ventilators are available? How many cases are detected in our country right now? What’s the curve? To find solutions, they worked with SAP solutions to deliver 3 projects: a COVID-19 Command Center, a Critical Inventory Tracker, a COVID-19 Symptom Checker chatbot built into the hospital website.

It enables patients to enter their symptoms and go through an initial COVID-19 screening. The chatbot helped Parkland to reduce call loads in its call centers; reduce face-to-face health assessments for improved safety; serve a diverse patient base, including a large Hispanic population, with multi-language support; and provide a single source of truth for executives and health practitioners monitoring COVID-19 patients and symptoms.

These products were heavily used from the start: 1,400+ patients checked their symptoms with the chatbot on the first week, and more than 10,000 patients were identified for outreach intervention.

« The more healthcare organizations can evolve their analytics, the better we can combat diseases that have devastating impacts on our communities. » – Dr. Brett Moran, Parkland Chief Medical Information Officer

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 Bouygues Energies & Services InTec is Switzerland’s leading company for building technology and facility management, with over 4100 employees at more than 90 locations.

COVID-19 brought a real sense of time pressure and cost reduction to many of Bouygues construction’s customers. This means that new financial adjustments would be made with the construction site manager and the customer, and both parties needed to be able to move forward without the long process of the finance departments.

To solve that issue, Bouygues built a chatbot allowing the site manager to start the process of issuing new payment conditions to the customer. The financial department is not involved in the process anymore, meaning that the process overhead disappears. Resources are efficiently dispatched; customer and site manager can efficiently move forward.

« Thanks to the self-service portal from Bouygues and the chat bot technology, I can avail myself of the latest information without extensive knowledge of SAP and automatically regulate financial matters for my customers. » - Senior Project-Lead Bouygues E&S Intec

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There are many more proposals that were sent to our SAP Innovation awards inbox, and they are just as transformative as the ones above:

Be sure to give them a look!

If you’re looking for the right time or plan to build your own chatbot for your company, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to share the stories of our customers and guide you to success.

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