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>> Bernd Bergmann is the Global Quality Account for SAP BI

We recognize that customers sometimes run into regressions when upgrading from Patches of an older Support Pack (SP) to a new SP. As part of our commitment to continuously improving quality and enacting on the feedback from our customers, we are making changes to the policy. Starting with delivery of SP6, we are improving the forward fit process.

First, let me explain two reasons why you may see regressions in the first place:

  1. Patches delivered on the older SP’s were only forwarded to the SP that will be delivered next but not on the currently highest SP in the market. So, if customers upgrade to the current available SP, they might lose fixes that they had recently applied.
  2. For an undelivered SP, there is always a period of time when we cannot add new Patches to that SP. That time period is called, Code Cut Off Period, which is the time used to test the SP before shipping. A Patch delivered a month ago on the older SP may not be part of the latest undelivered SP due to the Code Cut Off date. When this SP is released, a customer who has taken a patch on the older SP in the last month or so, upgrades to this new SP, they might lose fixes.

So, starting with SP6, all fixes done in Patches from older SP’s will be added to the Patch of the highest delivered SP. Any Patch delivered on the older SP that did not make it into the new SP due to the Code Cut Off Period will be added to the first Patch on the new SP.

With this change, we are confident that customers will not run into regressions when they upgrade to the newest Patch of the newest SP and customers should be able to move to the newest SP on a regular basis.

Of course, this change will also apply to BI 4.1.

This is the first in a series of changes you will see around streamlining our delivery of patches and on-going improvements to product quality.

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