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If you are a student and want to make a career in IT (not just in SAP) becoming a SAP Student Ambassador is something you should definitely consider.

It isn't easy to make it but the benefits from it are great. Read what this is about and how to do it below.

So first of all what is a SAP Student Ambassador?

A SAP Student Ambassador is an exceptional student who is well versed in IT in general and SAP in particular. It is a student that is passionate about technology and likes to speak about it. If you follow tech news and new development closely and are an IT enthusiast you are already on the right track.

But that isn't enough. You must also be able to share your passion with others, explain technology and new trends. You must have the potential to be an evangelist.

Thus a SAP Student Ambassador is supposed to be a good networker as well and respected for his competence in his peer group.

What are the benefits of becoming a SAP Student Ambassador?

If you become a SAP Student Ambassador you receive a certificate from SAP University Alliances that identifies you as an official SAP Student Ambassador. The certificate acts as proof of the above mentioned skills, is a great addition to your CV and goes very well with every application in IT. Moreover SAP Student Ambassadors are part of an elite group of passionate high potentials. They get to work together with country managers of SAP University Alliances on events in their countries and might get special all-expenses-paid invitations to big SAP events like SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando or the TechEds.

This allows for tremendous networking opportunities and is a unique career boost!

What are the tasks of a SAP Student Ambassador?

First and foremost SAP Student Ambassadors are supposed to be technological evangelists in the student community and their peer groups. Thus as a SAP Student Ambassador you have to organize at least one event with fellow students at your university/college/etc. per semester. This could for example be a workshop or a presentation on SAP or SAP technology like SAP HANA for example.

How to become a SAP Student Ambassador?

Becoming a SAP Student Ambassador is a 2 step process.

1. To demonstrate your presentation skills you have to produce a 1-3 minute video about SAP HANA or about how companies can solve big data problems with SAP HANA. Upload the video to YouTube and send a mail about it to or if you cannot access YouTube send a mail to and you will receive a container to send the video to SAP University Alliances.

2. If your video is accepted you will receive a link to a multiple choice test on SAP HANA. It consists of 14 questions on SAP HANA and you have to answer 11 correctly.

If you pass both stages you will officially be accepted as a SAP Student Ambassador and receive your certificate.

Use the opportunity to become a SAP Student Ambassador! We are looking forward to your video submission.