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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

We’re excited to announce the call for speakers for UI5con ON AIR 2022 (July 07-08, 2022). Everyone in the UI5 community is invited to submit their session and hands-on ideas. This is a unique opportunity for you to share the stage with other experts, authors of high-profile UI5 projects, members of the UI5 team and the community!

The call for speakers is open until April 11th, 2022! So you’ve got a few more weeks to finalize your ideas.


If you’re not sure yet, here’s some more information:

Who Should Apply?

You! We welcome speakers of all experience levels and backgrounds. Your technical AND non-technical experience is valuable to the community!

Maybe you're not interested in being on stage yourself, but you know the perfect person that could give an interesting talk? Let us know!

UI5con is not an official SAP event. It’s organized by the UI5 community, so unfortunately, we can’t pay any speaker compensation.



We don't have a specific theme for UI5con. Instead, we’re aiming to select talks that are interesting to as many UI5 developers as possible. However, here some ideas on what your talk could be about:

  • Wild ideas & clever hacks

  • Fun, crazy, or fascinating code projects

  • Best practices, optimizations, and debugging tips

  • Developer culture, improving UI5 developers’ lives

  • Things people can directly apply to their work

  • Cutting-edge technological advances in the world of front-end development, if somehow applicable to UI5

  • And finally: Anything you want, that you feel passionate about and that has a connection to UI5 or related areas

Please keep your proposals free of marketing and sales. We won’t accept obvious product pitches. Lessons learned from building or running your product, however, can be invaluable.

And remember: Pick whatever you feel most passionate about. This is your conference!



We have three options available for speakers to submit proposals for:

Lighting Talk: 20 minutes in length, standard presentation format. In principle, every topic can be the subject of a lightning talk. This format is particularly suitable to discuss ideas, present projects that you’re currently working on, or introduce calls for collaboration. The most important aspect is that you can sum up your message in a nutshell.

Lecture: 40 minutes in length, live-demo/coding presentation format. Here too, every topic can be presented. This format is ideal to talk a bit more extensively about something you have specific knowledge about. And as this is a developer conference, rather focus on live coding and demos than on slides – of course this depends on your topic. But limit the scope: 40 minutes may seem like a long time, but time passes quickly, and you won’t be able to cover “Everything about Project X”. Instead, pick a useful aspect, or a particular technique, or walk through a simple program.

Workshops: 2-hours in length, focused on hands-on instruction in a classroom-style setting. You want to dig in even deeper? We’re also looking for speakers willing to deliver hands-on labs to our virtual audience. Share your knowledge and guide fellow developers through your ideas. Let them follow your steps on their devices and answer their questions.

We plan to record and publish all talks online for free, along with a recording of the slide deck, live demo, and any activity on the screen of the presenter. We do this for the benefit of the larger UI5 community and those who couldn’t make it to the conference. We hope you agree with us, but if you’re uncomfortable with this in any way, let us know and we will work things out.



Our participants join from all over the world, therefore all talks should be in English.

One of the things we like to achieve with UI5con is to push the community forward. We can’t do this if the same people keep talking about the same things everywhere. Thus, we favor original content. If you want to discuss a topic that you have talked about elsewhere, try to add a twist, or new research, or development, something unique. Of course, if your talk is plain awesome as it is, go for that 🙂

Typos, sloppy formatting and all-lowercase submissions make our reading of your proposal tedious. These things will definitely have an effect on the assessment. So, make sure we see that you care! But don’t overdo it either. If you need more than two paragraphs to get to the point of your topic, slim things down. With the number of submissions we get, the quicker you can make a good impression, the better.

We're aiming for a bias-free selection process, so we ask you to help us. Omit any details, URLs, or company names from the title and abstracts – for such details, we provide separate fields on the CFP form.

Feel free to submit multiple talk proposals if you have more than one idea to share, but submit your proposals by April 11th 2022, 23:59:59 CEST.


Selection Process

After the CFP closes, our committee will analyze all the submissions and finalize the schedule. Please bear in mind that all submissions are subject to the selection process. Every submission is carefully considered, so if you submit a proposal, this doesn't mean that it will be automatically accepted.

Here’s how we pick our sessions:

  1. All submissions are anonymized, so that there is no bias towards the submitter. No peeking!

  2. All submissions are reviewed and voted for by the selection committee consisting of people of the UI5 product team and the UI5 community (the names of our selection committee will be published on the UI5con home page within the next weeks).
    Each submission is rated on a scale from 1 to 10, taking into account the following criteria:

    • Relevance of the topic to the UI5 community

    • Coherence and clarity of the proposal

    • Novelty/originality of the topic

    • Is the talk likely to be a good learning experience for most people?

    • Can the topic be reasonably covered in the allocated time?

  3. The average is calculated from all assessments and the top-N submissions are then de-anonymized so we can use speaker details as a factor in the final selection.

You can find all members of this year's committee responsible for the selection on the UI5con homepage.


Notes on COVID-19

UI5con ON AIR 2022 is planned to be held as an online event. But we really hope that by Q3 2022, the situation will be manageable and we can switch to a hybrid format. In that case we would invite all speakers to join us on stage in St. Leon-Rot/Germany. But this would be just a voluntary offer and not mandatory. You can still decide to speak remotely. Just share your preference with us via the form.

In any case: Feel free to submit all your talk ideas, you have nothing to lose by submitting. We'll see how the situation develops the next weeks, and work out the details together with the authors of the selected talks.


We are here to help!

Not everybody is a natural-born talent on stage. Not everybody is a storyteller. Not everybody is a live-demo master. Not everybody is aware that they have accomplished something great.

There are about a million reasons why you don’t consider yourself a speaker. We are here to prove you wrong. If all you have is a gut feeling that you should be on stage, we are here to reach out and help you to develop or hone the skills you think you lack to deliver a great presentation.

  • We are happy to brainstorm your interests to see if there’s a great topic in you.

  • We are happy to connect you with experienced speakers to help prepare your submission.

  • We are happy to review and advise on your session content.

Whatever else you might need, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us (just please don’t use this address to submit a proposal).


That’s It!

So, don’t be shy, put your thinking caps on, and tell us about your ideas. If you have any questions, leave a comment and we will assist you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Important Dates

  • UI5con ON AIR 2022: July 07-08, 2022

  • Deadline for submissions: April 11, 2022 (23:59 CEST) -> submit your idea now!

  • All submitters will be notified at the end of April.


Visit the UI5con ON AIR 2022 home page and follow UI5con twitter account to stay up-to-date on the event!

Update March 30, 2022: The committee responsible for the assessment of the submitted proposals and the final composition of the program has been formed. You can find the individual names on the UI5con home page.

On behalf of the UI5con Organization Team, Margot