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SADL = Service Adaption Definition Language.

A SADL query is a type of query that targets the database directly, and exposes all the required information to the UI.

Have you ever wonder why some OWL UIs have the “S” prefix, like COD_Account_SOWL? Yes… because they are SADL-based.

SADL queries are very useful, because they're very easy to configure and very powerful at the same time. You can e.g. access your extension fields if your SADL query is based on a standard BO. You just need to create it via UI designer.

How to use a SADL query?

Once created, you just have to define the selection, basic find, and result fields.

Selection: fields to be available on the Find Forms, i.e. you can use to filter the result set.

Basic Find: the SearchText DataField will work for all the fields you check this column. For instance, if you check “Name” and “ID”, you’ll be able to search for both values via basic find.

Result: every field checked will go to the target DataList (your actual list exposed to the UI).

Some limitations:

  • You cannot use SADL queries in ECs.
  • You cannot re-use the query somewhere else.
  • You cannot execute the query via ABSL.