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In this blog post, we would understand

What is a Deployment Plan

What is a Release

How to make use of Deployment Plans and Releases

What is a Deployment Plan

We know Project is an endeavor to perform work in a given amount of time. Each Project lead wants to define the timelines based on the Project plan. But how do you facilitate coordination across multiple projects from a timeline perspective.  This is where a Deployment Plan is required. The Deployment Plan can be thought of like a train and each Project can be thought of as a compartment in that train. One Deployment Plan can serve multiple Projects but one Project can only have a maximum of one Deployment Plan. The assignment of Deployment Plan to a Project is optional.


What are Releases?

A train has always a schedule of stops along the way. They are called Releases. A Release can exist only within a unique Deployment Plan and has a date range. As an example look at the screenshot below


How to use Deployment Plans

  • Step 1: Create a Deployment Plan

  • Step 2: Create Releases

You can create a Release by clicking on the Plus icon

  • Step 3: Assign Deployment Plan to Project

  • Step 4: Assign Requirement to Releases


Note that since only one Deployment Plan can be assigned to Project, The Requirement has only the Release assignment and does not need Deployment Plan assignment


How to see Release and sprint schedule together

Gantt chart allows you to see Release and Project timeboxes together


Next Steps

Hope you found this post. Make sure you bookmark the Master Blog post for SAP Cloud ALM for implementation. You can also visit Expert Portal.


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