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It is a well-known and digested fact by now that the mobile revolution is unstoppable! And the mobile phone to us today, is what the Towel was in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Why do I say that?


Personally speaking, whether it is to: check my corporate email, private email, appointments, the weather forecast, driving directions to a SAP customer/partner or a friend, taking a good quality picture, Googling, or interacting with my friends and customers on social networking apps - my mobile device is my Towel and the lines between private usage and corporate usage are blurring. Fast.

Also, the fact is that with more employees bringing their own devices into their company and with more companies permitting this trend, it is becoming increasingly important and urgent that companies slow down and understand the full picture before trying to ride the wave of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) successfully.


While it is widely believed that BYOD can be more cost effective for organizations - as employees buy their own devices thereby reducing the IT spend - it is crucial to understand the end-to-end device lifecycle and the subsequent costs attached before we celebrate a quick win.


Organizations need to have a scalable and comprehensive Mobile Device Management strategy in place before BYOD starts being an advantage.

If handled inadequately, BYOD can quickly become a nightmare…

A simple example is the hidden drain these devices can cause to an Enterprise’s Wi-Fi network. Not only are we talking about an explosion in data consumption, we’re also looking at the apps on the devices potentially infecting the corporate network and other user devices with Trojans/viruses and other malicious code.  Not to forget corporate data theft from these devices when the user logs on to a public Wi-Fi network in a café or airport or such.


This is the point where I see the need for a reliable Mobile Device Management solution from an Enterprise that understands your business and your business processes.

This is where I see SAP being in a position to offer your business exactly what it takes to make BYOD a winning proposition instead of a Trojan horse. Pun intended.

Since the speed of evolution in the mobilesphere is in minutes, hours and weeks and not months or years, SAP offers a bullet proof Mobile Device Management solution (SAP Afaria)  via a rapid-deployment approach that will be up and running in your organization in just a few weeks. Not months or years!

Why the need for speed?

According to a recent survey, 64% of respondents said that ‘completing enterprise software deployments on-time is extremely or very challenging’… but not with rapid-deployment solutions. Currently, the SAP Afaria rapid-deployment solution is up and running in a few weeks but keeping ahead of the curve, we’re working on making it up and running in just a few days. Check out this video to learn how you can implement SAP Afaria in as little as 6 weeks:

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” :wink:

Why don’t you see what our one of recent customers, Lexmark, has to say about the SAP Afaria rapid-deployment solution:

If this peaked your interest in finding out what the SAP Afaria rapid-deployment solution can do for you, contact us so we can discuss how we can best address your needs. If you’d like to get a hands-on feel of Afaria for 14 days, simply access this link: TEST DRIVE!

To learn more about SAP's Mobile strategy, check out this interview with Sanjay Poonen: Securing Mobile Devices for Business

Wishing you a very successful 2013,


Global Rollout & Partner Enablement – SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions for Mobile

For more info about SAP Mobile rapid-deployment solutions, check out my other blog: The Mobility Game

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