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Latest Update: 15/09/2020

This blog targets all consultants who are on a SAP BW/4HANA implementation project covering MM-inventory management sourced from SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. The aim is to help you to get the standard content for SAP BW/4HANA for inventory management properly activated and loaded without further issues.

The information provided in this blog is based on analysis of support incidents related to inventory management in SAP BW/4HANA raised in the past.

About 90% of the incoming incidents could have been avoided by following the below mentioned check list:

Check that the following was properly done in SAP BW/4HANA:

BW-1 You have read thoroughly SAP Note 2678507, the First Guidance: Inventory Handling in SAP BW/4HANA and the SAP Online Documentation Inventory Management (SAP HANA-Optimized BW/4HANA Content).

BW-2 All necessary SAP Notes related to BW4-DM-TRFN identified by SAP Note 2603241 were implemented in your SAP BW/4HANA system BEFORE the content is being activated via RSORBCT. Otherwise implement the missing SAP Notes and reinstall the content (see Knowledge Base Article 2530596). -> Missing BW4-DM-TRFN correction can cause wrongly activated content artifacts and/or data load issues both potential resulting in incorrect data persisted in the DSOs used for reporting.

BW-3 After connecting the source system you have executed the step "Content Update" as explained in SAP Note 2433354. -> Missing this step will prevent the activation of so called source system dependent objects such as DataSoures and content Transformations with DataSources as source object.

BW-4 For a new connected source system you have maintained the 2-digit source system ID (see SAP Online Help -> Prerequisites -> Source System ID) and you have transferred the global settings ('currencies' and 'unit of measurement'). -> Missing this step will lead into a data load issue while loading data from this source system for the first time.

BW-5 You have successfully activated the inventory management content artefacts in your SAP BW/4HANA system with transaction RSORBCT, e.g. by choosing the DataFlow object /IMO/DF_MMIM_01.

BW-6 You have created the DTP's in your SAP BW/4HANA system with the correct settings (e.g. "Initial-Non-Cumulatives for Non-Cumulative Values" and "Historical Transactions" flag) as described in the SAP Online Help and shown in the diagrams below (BW-10). If you cannot create a DTP with "Initial-Non-Cumulatives for Non-Cumulative Values, check SAP Note 2310862. Note: DTPs are not delivered by the BW/4HANA Content. -> Wrong defined DTP's will update the data records with wrong RECORDTP resulting in wrong data in the inventory DSO and reporting (see SAP Note 1548125).

BW-7 You have checked if any SAP Notes with component BW4-AE-CORE-NC are required for the DW4CORE support package that you are using. Install any required SAP Notes before any data is loaded into the inventory DSOs. -> Missing BW4-AE-CORE-NC corrections might impact data loads and query processing in BW and might lead therefore to wrong query results.

BW-8 You have checked if any relevant 'Known issues for the BW/4HANA Content objects' mentioned in SAP Note 2678507 section 1c are relevant and need to be fixed in your SAP BW/4HANA system.


Check that the following was properly carried out in the SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system:

SRC-1 Determine Industry Sector and MM Process Keys (SAP Note 1883701). -> Without these configurations the extractor will not fill the critical fields BWAPPLNM and BWVORG, with the result that most inventory key figures will be loaded with '0' value into the inventory DSOs.

SRC-2 The Data Extraction is activated for 2LIS_03_BX, 2LIS_03_BF and 2LIS_03_UM in the Logistics Customizing Cockpit (see SAP Online Help). Be aware that update mode 'unserialized V3-Update' is not suitable for ODP extraction and therefore should not be used (SAP Note 2758147). 'Queued Delta' is therefore the general recommended update mode when loading into SAP BW/4HANA. -> Use of unserialized V3-Update can lead to missing data records in the data extract.

SRC-3 Before you start a new initialization ensure that all queues are fully empty: ODQMON plus TCode LBWQ for update mode 'Queued Delta' (SM13 for unserialized V3-Update should not be used as mentioned before). -> Missing this step, a record stuck in the queue might be updated as delta record even already included in the new initialization run and would lead to be double counted in the inventory DSO and reporting.

SRC-4 Before you start a new initialization also ensure that the setup table is deleted with TCode LBWG for application '03'. -> If you run a new initialization without cleaning the setup table, you might most probably encounter double amounts for quantities and values in reporting.

SRC-5 You have run the initialization for 2LIS_03_BX (MCNB), 2LIS_03_BF (OLI1BW) and - if applicable - for 2LIS_03_UM (OLIZBW) (see SAP Online Help). It is very important that during the initialization runs the SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system is locked for all inventory related transactions (how to reduce downtime is explained in SAP Note 753654).


Check that the following two steps were done in the SAP BW/4HANA system:

BW-9 After the setup tables were filled (and before the system is unlocked again), run a DTP with setting "Init without data" for the DataSources 2LIS_03_BF and - if applicable - 2LIS_03_UM into the staging Delta DSOs. This will initialize the queues in the source system to capture the delta.

BW-10 You have loaded all data properly into the BW/4HANA data model for inventory management e.g. as documented and shown in the diagrams in the SAP Online Help and in the images shown below. -> As already mentioned in step BW-6 loading the data with properly defined DTP's settings is crucial. Otherwise the data records would be updated with wrong RECORDTP resulting in wrong data in the inventory DSO and reporting (see SAP Note 1548125). In case no data is loaded for 2LIS_03_BX, check SAP Note 2589723.


Still issues with incorrect MM-inventory data observed in SAP BW/4HANA?

You have checked and cleared all items above but you still experience issues with wrong looking data?

In this case, please follow the step-by-step procedure explained in SAP Note 1548125 VI Analysis of Problems to detect in which layer (A - Analytical Engine / B - Transformation & Loading / C - Extraction ) the error occurs:

A) Query compared to information shown in LISTCUBE do not match or the query cannot be executed and no SAP Notes could be found for component BW4-AE-CORE-NC:

In this case please contact SAP support with reference to the component BW4-AE-CORE-NC providing with the technical name of the simplified query (see again SAP Note 1548125 how the simplified query should be defined) and the corresponding LISTCUBE report (see SAP Note 1479893).

!!! Frequent issue: There were some incidents raised where missing SID values for 0DATE caused several issues during query execution (e.g. zero stock quantities or values, empty result rest, or query is not executable at all). If you find missing entries e.g. in table /BI0/XDATE, rebuild the master data for the time characteristics as described in SAP Note 2608688. Also regenerating the analytical query sometimes does the trick...

B) The data in the staging DSOs (e.g. /IMO/CMMIM01) is correct but the data in LISTCUBE on the reporting DSO (e.g. /IMO/D_MMIM01) is incorrect.

In this case the data is wrongly transformed and/or loaded into the inventory DSO. Consider the following to find the root cause for the issue:

- A problem with BW4-DM-TRFN which might be already fixed following the central SAP Note 2603241.

- Check again the correct DTP settings paying especially attention to the 'inital Non-cumulative for Non-cumulative Values' and 'Historical Transaction' flag in the appropriate DTPs

- Check the validity table and the table storing the reference points

- Compare 'D' and 'A' version of the transformations to exclude content activation issues

C) The data in the staging DSO looks incorrect and therefore the data extract provided by the data source e.g. 2LIS_03_BF looks already wrong

  • Double check again that the Logistics Cockpit setup / initialization was executed properly

  • Check if there are any SAP Notes missing for your source system related to support component BW-BCT-MM-IM

  • Check that your assumptions about the expected data extract are correct and your scenario is supported as explained in SAP Note 2678507 chapters 3 and 4, e.g.

    • BW-Inventory data does NOT always reconcile against MB5B (SAP Note 745788)

    • Different handling of consumptions and goods receipts in CKM3 and BW-Inventory data

    • BW-Inventory data takes into account configuration for statistical relevance in TCode OMJJ, SAP Note 827178

    • For source systems with Industry Sector = 'Retail', the SAP BW/4HANA Content standard data model for inventory management is not suitable. There is a Retail starter pack service available that delivers BW objects and data flows for retail-specific Inventory Management Reporting, SAP Note 2944418

    • Evaluations of cross company code stock transfer is not supported

If this all did not help to find and solve the issue, and you require to open a support incident, you can speed up the process by putting as much information into your support incident as possible, e.g.:

  • What have you already checked?

  • Where does the problem occur (A - Analytical Engine, B - Transformation & Loading or C - Extraction)?

  • Example of a data record for that the error can be observed and investigated.

  • And most important: Choose the right support component for your incident

I hope this blog could help you to avoid or solve issues when using the SAP BW/4HANA standard content for MM-inventory management.