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+++ Obsolete - the Cloud platform supporting this service is no longer available. +++

It is beta, but ...

You can now model processes in the Web wherever you are.

You can share these sketches with anyone, wherever they are.

You can work together on the sketch , however far apart you are.

You do all this, even when there's a whole bunch of you working on the same model at the same time.

No Web Conferencing necessary. No "hang-on while I give you control..." No"download the plugin first"... you can just do it (and undo any mistakes you make at the push of a button without getting in anyone's way).

You'll need an SAP StreamWork account to access the tool. If you don't have a StreamWork account go get one here. The basic account is free so you'll have access within seconds.

The tool is in beta, which means please don't use this for mission critical work or when your production depends on it, yet.

Here's an example of how it can be used just to give you a taste of how it can be used in practice. Our development team used it to plot the progress made when we migrated the pool of invited beta users from a third party hosting environment to the SAP Cloud platform. Sure we had screenshots embedded in powerpoints, checklists, and other ways of making sure the process was transparent, but during discussions the tool itself was the best means of planning the process, and ensuring no hiccups (there weren't any).

And finally, if you are a business process expert and you plan to automate the process, just export the results (BPMN 2.0 format is supported) and import into your favorite process automation tool - SAP NetWeaver BPM I hope ;-).

Use the standard browsers that SAP StreamWork recommends to access this tool. And once you get started you'll find no limit to the number of areas that you can use it in. You also find that even if you're not used to sketching processes, such as how to reach a decision or how to execute on a decision once made, it's like learning to ride a bicycle. Once you've learnt to focus on where you're going, your feet (and in this case - the tool) keep you moving until you reach your target.

This link will walk you through the steps of how you can create process models.

Simple way to model processes in the Web

It doesn't describe the latest features, but it does show you enough to get started. And be aware that since this is an on-demand offering, updates come automatically so you will see continuous improvemement on-the-fly. For example, snap-to-grid, to make it easy to align shapes, is coming soon.

*** Update ****

This screenshot shows an HR process (couldn't be more topical in respect to the SAP sucessFactors acquisition) modeled by Jeroen Jansen (Kadaster) and Robert Verlaat (holonconsultancy) that they created a week ago during the closed beta phase. It's great to see this tool used for such a worthy cause.

You can see how on the one hand they modeled the process simulataneously while at the same time they used the chat and commenting capability of SAP StreamWork to throw in ideas about how to improve the process. Process modeling at it's best.

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