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Seamless and effective end-to-end business processes are crucial for the success of every company. The central questions are how to get insights into their potential weaknesses and areas of improvement and how to optimize them without deep programming knowledge.  

SAP Build Process Automation fulfills exactly this purpose and is being now covered with a brand-new free learning journey. But let's first start with a short definition of what is meant by business process automation.   

What is business process automation: Business process automation is the way to model, analyze and improve end-to-end business processes to meet strategic business goals across all Line of Businesses.   

Let's now illustrate a simple business example to catch its practical relevance.      

Business case: Imagine a company that receives multiple sales orders each day. Employees process these orders and add the data manually to their ERP system. Because uploading sales orders is a time-consuming and error-prone task, the company wants to improve this particular process.    

SAP Build Process Automation can bring improvement with an automatically structured data spreadsheet that is being uploaded automatically to the ERP system. Prebuilt bots can replace manual processing of files to reduce the error rate and to speed up the process while working in parallel.   

If you now wondering how, you can learn more about this advanced technology, join the free self-paced learning journey “Create Processes and Automations with SAP Build Process Automation” and discover its key features such as:   

  • Performing process visibility scenarios   

  • Using easy automations with drag-and-drop and AI-capabilities  

  • Implementation of decision logic    

  • Integration SAP Build Process Automation with other applications 

  • Discovering of pre-delivered content 

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