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Automation in governing master data is crucial for all master data domains. One such automation technique is the use of derivation rules that you define in a derivation scenario. A derivation scenario is used to deduce master data based on rules and a defined scope to ensure data quality. With derivation rules, you can derive values of single or multiple fields automatically. Instead of manually entering values for each field, the system can automatically populate these fields based on a predefined rule. This will free up time and resources to focus on higher-value tasks.

Did you know that you can define derivation scenarios not only for business partners, but also for products? We’ve recently published a video showcasing an example in which we use a derivation scenario to derive values in a change request when creating a new material. This approach allows you to fill fields automatically that depend on an entered material group.

In the Condition section of the Define Derivation Scenario for Products app you determine on which field or fields the data to be derived depends, in this case the material group. In the Result Fields table, you can see the fields for which we derive the values. Go to the Implementation section and click the decision table link to add or change rules.

In the video example, we created a new material in the Manage Material Governance app using the derivation scenario shown in figure 1. Depending on the material group (24111502 paper bags) we’ve entered, related fields were filled in automatically.

Defining Derivation Scenarios for Products could be an important tool for companies looking to automate and improve their efficiency. By using derivation rules, you can save time, reduce risk of errors and improve productivity, helping your company to stay ahead of competition.

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