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Hi SAP Community,

It's that time of the year again - the SAP TechEd 2021 catalog is now live, and you can look at all the sessions offered for free here from November 16-18.

We are glad to offer several lectures and workshops dedicated to SAP AI Business Services this year, that you can find in the Intelligent Technologies track.

As you probably know, SAP AI Business Services provide strategic services and applications that automate and optimize corporate processes and enrich customer experience across the intelligent suite. They are provided as re-usable services for SAP Business Technology Platform customers.

Do you want to know how to infuse our AI services into your business processes?

Then this schedule is perfect for you:


Integrate SAP AI Business Services with SAP S/4HANA Using ISLM

Session ID: INT201 / Lecture - 30 Minutes

When? Wednesday, November 17

What is it about? Discover how AI services from SAP like SAP AI Business Services help optimize and automate manual tasks that can be integrated with SAP S/4HANA. Learn about the integration options available with the intelligent scenario lifecycle management (ISLM) functionality for SAP S/4HANA and how it helps manage end-to-end lifecycle operations of the underlying machine learning artifacts. Examples include the Document Information Extraction, Data Attribute Recommendation, and Business Entity Recognition services.

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Apply Machine Learning and Regression Models to Classify Data Records

Session ID: INT360 / Workshop - 2 hours

When? Wednesday, November 17

What is it about? Find out how the Data Attribute Recommendation service works and deep dive into the newest features launched in the last year, including automated machine learning and regression templates, in the context of a real use case.

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Take Advantage of Templates in Document Information Extraction

Session ID: INT260 / Workshop - 2 hours

When? Wednesday, November 17

What is it about? In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to use the Document Information Extraction service for business document processing. You will make use of built-in AI capabilities to extract relevant information out of different business documents and validate the results in a standard user interface. Finally, you will explore the latest advancements in templating and schemas to extract business entities from custom document types.

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Enable Hands-Free ERP for SME with Intelligent Business Document Processing

Session ID: INT100 / Breakout - 15 minutes

When? Wednesday, November 17

What is it about? ERP systems often require monotonous and time-consuming manual processes. What if the documents that normally end up on your desk or inbox, such as invoices, Pos, and proof of deliveries, can be processed automatically? Hands-free ERP sounds cool, but what does it really mean, and can your SME benefit from it? Learn how your ERP of choice can help automatically process these documents with help from SAP AI Business Services and SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automations services.

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Close the Loop on Returnable Packaging [INT101]

Session ID: INT101 / Breakout - 15 minutes

When? Wednesday, November 17

What is it about? Manage the inventory and logistics of returnable packaging in the supply chain. See how the SAP Returnable Packaging Management solution enables circular logistic flows for returnable and reusable packaging material such as containers, pallets, and more. Learn how intelligent matching is applied to inbound statements to accelerate the reconciliation process.

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Accelerate Intercompany Reconciliation Processes with Machine Learning

Session ID: INT200 / Breakout - 15 minutes

When? Thursday, November 18

What is it about? Learn how the SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution for intelligent intercompany reconciliation helps automate intercompany document matching with machine learning. Find out about the business challenges of intercompany financial document matching and how SAP S/4HANA Cloud can tackle the challenge using the latest in artificial intelligence. Better understand the architecture of the system setup for the innovation.

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Here are additional sessions where SAP AI Business Services will be featured among other AI technologies from SAP:

We can’t wait to exchange with you during these 3 days 😊

Join us for this premier virtual event for SAP developers and build your own schedule to scale up your AI skills! 💻


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