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Auto layout feature is available in the integration flow editor of SAP Cloud Integration with 5.47.x/6.39.x release to beautify and format integration flow in an attractive and easy understandable way. To know more, you can refer the help documentation.

In this blog, I will give a short overview on the auto layout feature.

Integration flow might become huge and complex. This led to bad experience for the integration developer from the flow readability standpoint. Look at the below example. Readability is completely distorted.

To overcome this problem, Auto layout feature has been introduced to format and beautify integration flow to make integration flow look attractive and easy to understand.

In this section, I will explain you how to use this feature. But prior that, let us understand different variants of the auto layout feature. You can format the process horizontally and vertically.

  1. Arrange Horizontally

    • This will format and arrange the flow steps in the integration process from left to right.

  2. Arrange Vertically

    • This variant of auto layout will format and arrange the flow steps from top to bottom.

Arrange Horizontally

Select the integration process and click the highlighted speed button to arrange the process horizontally.

Distorted process will be beautified, and flow steps will be arranged horizontally. This will make integration flow readable and easy to understand. See the below output.


Arrange Vertically

Select the integration process and click the highlighted speed button to arrange the process vertically.

Flow steps in the integration process will be arranged from top to bottom in a beautified manner. Look at the below screen.

Points to remember.

  1. Auto layout feature is enabled at the process pool level such as integration process, local integration process.

  2. As a best practice, we recommend saving your design changes and configurations first and then use the auto layout feature. Such a practice will help you avoid losing your recent changes.


Hope you are benefited with this feature. Please experience the auto layout feature and provide your valuable feedback.