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Note: This blog was originally composed by Samantha Wong and re-purposed with permission.

An Extend Analytics Use Case
Extend Analytics is an initiative enabling SAP BusinessObjects BI customers to extend and expand BI, Predictive, and Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud. The heart of the initiative centers around popular use cases and how they can benefit SAP BusinessObjects BI customers.

Augmented Analytics: A New Way to Work

Organizations who embrace Augmented Analytics will see users spending less time on data exploration and dashboard design. This gives them more time to utilize machine-generated advanced insights to decide and act on the next best course of action.  And it also provides your business users with true self-service BI.

The Smart features within SAP Analytics Cloud make insight discovery faster by bringing data science to the masses. Intelligent machine learning technology drives the analytics process while reducing human bias, ensuring decision makers can act with confidence.

SAP Analytics Cloud has an entire portfolio of Augmented Analytics features, also known as Smart features. The Smart features within SAP Analytics Cloud make insight discovery faster by bringing data science to the masses. Intelligent machine learning technology drives the analytics process while reducing human bias, ensuring decision makers can act with confidence.

These features are dedicated to helping BI Experts and Business Analysts achieve more with less. With the power of machine learning, SAP Analytics Cloud helps you uncover insights faster, understand root causes, and predict what is likely to happen in the future, all while reducing human bias. This ensures decision-makers have access to the right information at the right time to influence the best possible outcomes.

Augmented Analytics features work together to lead you on a Smart Analytics journey. The journey begins with natural language query and advances toward true predictive analytics.

To illustrate how these Smart features can be used together, we have created a 4-part video series focused on one use case. In our scenario, a Business Analyst is conducting Sales analysis in preparation for a leadership meeting.

Search to Insight: Faster Answers, Derived Naturally

Search to insight makes content creation easier with the power of natural language query. To use Search to Insight, simply ask a question about your data and SAP Analytics Cloud will intelligently create relevant visualizations that you can add to your story.

Watch this video to see how Search to Insight provides answers on-the-fly to business questions:

Smart Insights: Explain Anything with a Single Click

Smart Insights reveals the top contributors behind a specific data point or variance. This feature is particularly useful when we are looking at aggregated data, such as revenue. Smart Insights helps us to understand revenue contribution trends at a more granular level, such as by region or product.

With the click of a button, machine learning algorithms run in the background to analyze all the data relevant to the information you have selected. First, you are presented with suggested visualizations ranked in order of relevance. Then, you can choose to add these visualizations to your story along with a text explanation, thanks to our natural language generation engine.

Watch this video to see how Smart Insights enhances stories with new, contextually-relevant information:

Smart Discovery: Jumpstart Data Exploration with Automated Story Creation

Smart Discovery acts as your digital Business Analyst. It automates the data exploration process to reveal information that is statistically relevant. Trained machine learning models, that are specific to your data, generate an overview of significant patterns, outliers, key drivers and influencers. Then, an interactive what-if simulation is created based on the model, allowing you to explore the possible result of changing factors and variables.

With the auto-generated story from Smart Discovery, your data speaks for itself. Intelligent algorithms remove the need for analytics to be fully human-led, reducing bias to ensure important trends are not missed.

Watch this video to see how Smart Discovery surfaces hidden patterns and complex relationships:

Smart Predict: Accessible Artificial Intelligence

Smart Predict augments your existing business intelligence capabilities by learning from your historical data to predict what is most likely to happen in the future. With patented classification, regression, and time series forecast algorithms, Smart Predict creates high-performing and stable models to help you optimize operations and drive strategic decisions for growth.

Smart Predict makes AI accessible by automatically handling complex data science procedures. This allows BI Experts and Business Analysts to focus on implementing the insights to influence existing business processes.

Watch the video to see how Smart Predict creates recommendations to prioritize the next best action:

On-Premise to Cloud Licensing Opportunity

SAP BusinessObjects BI customers who are interested in using SAP Analytics Cloud have the opportunity to convert unused on-premise licenses and maintenance into SAP Analytics Cloud licenses. If you are interested in using SAP Analytics Cloud, this is a great way to get started. For more information on this conversion program, drop us an email at

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