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Normally when any button is clicked in FPM application(OVP,GAF,OIF) having any UIBBs, some event is triggered and application does certain processing(synchronously) ( during this time we can’t do any action on the application ,Of course this action processing takes very little time ) and then the application screen appears.

Consider the case when user processes  huge records with some action and the processing takes 50-60 secs of times or even more . Now if we process this event synchronously then the user can’t do any activity as the small round processing symbol appears on the screen.

Now to avoid such long running processes, we can start using asynchronous function module which processes the huge records and the user can do parallel work without waiting for the processing to finish on the fpm application.

Now the question is how the FPM application receives the message of from the asynchronous job(FM). For this we can use the concept of asynchronous event in fpm application. The post describes how to work with asynchronous event in an ovp application with list uibb.

Check the link: Asynchronous Event in Floorplan Manager | TECHSAP