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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi SAP Community,

Today I would like to give you a concrete and short example of how businesses can reduce manual effort to improve the buying experience, with the help of a chatbot built with SAP Conversational AI low code platform. Let's go!

What is the challenge?

Buyers are often casual users and unfamiliar with procurement systems and policies. To increase efficiency and usability, they need support to address their queries and guide them through the purchase requisition process.

What is the solution?

PAULA (= Procurement AUtomated Learning Assistant) is a chatbot designed to support a buyer’s experience and can assist with system functionality, business policies, and retrieval of transaction details. It's designed to modernize a user's experience through a simple and intuitive process.

PAULA empowers organizations to transform tasks into value-added work.
Its knowledge base is a combination of:

#1 An FAQ chatbot with frequently asked questions from users about SAP Ariba steps and processes, including general inquiry, user profile, purchase requisition, invoicing...

An FAQ chatbot retrieves answers to users’ questions from one or more documents (.csv file) that you upload. The document must include predefined pairs of questions and answers. This allows your chatbot to map the user’s query to the best match and retrieve an answer without interpreting the intent of the question.

#2 An intent-based (action) chatbot to help approve and create transactions for users:

  • The chatbot can provide information on specific transactions such as purchase requisition details, document approval details, or contract terms

  • The chatbot can retrieve the user’s pending approvals, and enable the user to approve/deny them in the user interface

  • The chatbot can help to create a requisition directly by simply typing in keywords to search within SAP Ariba catalogs

Based on SAP Busines Technology Platform, it's built following this architecture:

What is the outcome?

By decreasing manual effort and response time for buyers, companies can reduce costs and increase productivity with an enterprise-ready chatbot.

This simple and user-friendly interface helps support usability and adoption.

Dive deeper into this use case

Interested in applying this solution for your business? SAP Discovery Center offers comprehensive information about the services needed to run this use case, as well as detailed technical information.

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