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More often than not, industries using heavy equipment for their business operations are faced with the following issues:

  • Minimal networking between the three key players in the asset industry, that is, the manufacturer, the service provider and the operator. For instance, when an equipment breaks down, the operator is unable to reach the manufacturer in real time.
  • Minimal standardization across all assets. Same components of an equipment may be called differently across the industry.
  • Outdated equipment-specific information. When an equipment undergoes maintenance, the service provider might not have access to updated information pertaining to that equipment.
  • Maintenance. If maintenance is not regularly planned, it may result in deteriorating asset performance and longevity.

To address these issues, SAP has come up with a solution called SAP Asset Intelligence Network.

What is SAP Asset Intelligence Network?

It is a cloud-based solution that seamlessly connects the players of the asset-intensive industry. This will enable collaboration, collective problem-solving and simplifed asset maintenance.

What does SAP Asset Intelligence Network provide?

  • Using the feature Connections, manufacturers, service providers and operators can collaborate and share equipment-related information.
  • Industry standards and specifications consisting of ISO, IEC, MIMOSA, are integrated with this network, enabling data standarization across the asset industry.
  • Using the feature Announcements, a manufacturer can update modifications in a component for the benefit of an operator or a service provider. This, therefore, eliminates the possibility of outdated information in equipment data.
  • Using an equipment ID, an operator can create a digital twin of their equipment. This is stored as a 3D animated VDS file providing operating or assembly instructions. This comes in handy for a service provider during asset maintenance.
  • There is a provision for operators to raise incidents or ask suggestions from the manufacturer by triggering a workflow that enables collective problem-solving.

Obtaining SAP Asset Intelligence Network

Customers can purchase a subscription to this cloud-based network or integrate their system with this network using public APIs.

Value-add to the Asset Enterprise Ecosystem

With the availability of equipment data, this network will have a global registry that will help in data analysis and innovation directed towards enhancing asset efficiency.

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