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Assemble New/Changed Items – Partial Assembly


A new feature – Partial assembly is introduced with release 1908, which would allow a user to assemble only changed/added files in a one-off patch solution. This will ensure that the time taken for the solution Lifecycle management processes such as Assembly, Deployment, etc. is reduced since the content files assembled and deployed would be reduced. Such a feature would be highly beneficial if some minor changes are done in the corresponding patch version since that would result in a smaller number of files to be assembled.

The feature is released as GA feature with 1911. 

You can now use the option of Partial Assembly by clicking on the button “Assemble and Download -> New and changed Items” in the SDK Implementation manager (as shown in the screenshot below).

On clicking the "New and Changed Items" button, a disclaimer would be shown to the user informing that Partial Assembly is triggered and the user should ensure the successful deployment of the previous immediate version to the target. This is mandatory since once the partial zip file is created it can be deployed to the target only if the target system has the previous version deployed successfully.


The partial assembly feature would assemble the new/changed items and their dependent content types. This is required to ensure the technical consistency of the zip file.

  • This feature is only available for patch solutions i.e. you cannot partially assemble an original solution.

  • As explained in the overview section already, it’s mandatory to deploy a previous immediate patch version to the target before deploying the partial version. For e.g. version 3 is deployed to the target tenant, and version 5 was partially assembled using this new feature. A deployment of version 5 will not be allowed unless version 4 was uploaded to the target.

  • A fully assembled and download can be performed on an already existing partially assemble solution in the source.

  • In the case of deployment failure, the next partial zip upload is not possible, only full upload is possible.

  • Partial assemble feature is available for the foreground “Assemble & Download” process wand Split assemble feature also.

Please note that the feature is available for C4C one-off solutions.