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Q: What do the numbers at the beginning of each line in the errorlog mean?

A: Most entries in the ASE errorlog have a prefix in the form aa:bbbb:ccccc:ddddd:<date> <component> <message>


00:0000:00000:00001:2013/05/03 08:56:55.35 server  Master device size: 110 megabytes, or 56320 virtual pages. (A virtual page is 2048 bytes.)

00:0000:00000:00001:2013/05/03 08:56:55.37 kernel  Setting console to nonblocking mode.

00:0000:00000:00001:2013/05/03 08:56:55.37 kernel  Console logging is enabled. This is controlled via the 'enable console logging' configuration parameter.

These prefix fields are:

aaInstance-id.  This is always 0 for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) servers, for Cluster Edition (CE) ASE it identifies the instance.
bbbbThread-id (threaded mode) or engine-id (process mode).
cccccFamily thread id (fid).  If the spid is using worker processes to perform parallel processing, this field identifies which one was responsible for the message.
dddddLogical thread id (spid).
dateDate and time the message was generated
componentUsually either <server> or <kernel>, indicates which layer of the ASE code generated the error.  The server layer implements the general database functionality, the kernel layer is the interface to the hardware
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