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Update: ASE License

The license is valid until 2023; only the comment is wrong:

Please note: Troubleshooting

From now on, please DO NOT post a blog comment if you require troubleshooting:

  • Very few people follow these blogs, so you will not get help from the vast majority of the community

  • It makes it difficult for other users to find similar issues in future, which leads to many duplicated errors.

  • There is no capacity to monitor all blogs for all released versions


Please post on the ABAP Development forum : ABAP Development: Ask a Question, using the hashtag #ABAP_Trial.

If it's a problem downloading the files, rather than installing the downloaded files, please try the following:

  1. Delete your cache.

  2. Try a different browser.

  3. If that fails, please email SCNContent [at]sap[dot]com, with:


    • URL of download

    • User ID

    • User IP

    • Date, Time, Time zone, and location (country) of attempted downloads

    • screenshot of the error

I have started compiling FAQ and Troubleshooting – so if you have any questions, please check there first.

Thank you for your understanding.


The ABAP application server on ASE 16.0 provides a great platform for trying out the ABAP language and toolset. It is extensively pre-configured with Fiori launchpad, SAP Cloud Connector, SAP Java Virtual Machine, pre-configured backend /frontend connections, roles, and sample applications.

This solution is intended for two groups of developers:

  • Non-ABAP developers, who are interested in learning more about the ABAP language and development tools

  • ABAP developers, who are interested in learning about version 7.52


It contains:

  • SAP AS ABAP 7.52 SP04

  • SAP GUI for the Java 7.5 and SAP GUI for Windows 7.50

  • SAP Sybase ASE 16.0 SP02

Highlight for SP04 : ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC)

Many customers and consultants want to learn more ABAP Test Cockpit, particularly for SAP S/4HANA Readiness Checks and SAP Cloud Readiness Check.

So we’ve preconfigured the developer edition to run as a central check system for those checks. You can test this out of the box locally in SAP ADT, then configure the rest of your landscape to work with it.

For more general information on ATC, see Olga’s two excellent blogs:

Download information

The actual download (in the form of several .rar files), along with more information is available from the SAP Community Trials and Downloads page. Search for "7.52 SP04" for convenience.


During installation, you will need to read and accept the SAP Software End User License Agreement. A link is provided here for your convenience: SAP Software End User License Agreement.

Virtual machine for Linux

This ABAP developer edition must be installed on Linux, not Windows. We have successfully installed the ABAP developer edition on:

  • Oracle VirtualBox (documented)

  • VMWare (documented)

Since this is a free product, we cannot offer official primary support. However, we will attempt to answer queries pertaining to installation issues. Since we have documented Oracle VirtualBox only, we are more likely to be able to help you with this VM technology.

Operating Systems

This developer edition has been successfully tested with recent versions of the following Linux distributions:

  • openSUSE (documented)


  • Fedora

  • RHEL

  • Ubuntu and Debian: You need to install csh before you start the installation!

  • Other distributions may require manual setup.

NB 1: You must use a 64-Bit OS version.
NB 2: Linux newbies don’t run away! We have written thorough, step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Linux VM and how to run the AS ABAP installation. They are available at the end of this blog.

Again, we cannot offer official primary support. However, we will attempt to answer queries pertaining to installation issues. Since we have documented openSUSE only, we are more likely to be able to help you with this distro.

Hardware requirements

  • x86_64 processor based hardware

  • at least 4 GB RAM and about 8 GB swap space

  • about 100 GB free disk space for the server installation

  • about 2 GB free disk space for the client installation


Installation instructions

OK, I have written two step-by-step installation guides. These are not just for newbies, since I have noted some of the pitfalls specific to installing the AS ABAP server (e.g. DHCP must be switched off.):

For subsequent installations, the concise installation instructions are available here:

SAP AS ABAP 7.52 SP04 – Developer Edition: Concise Installation Guide



SAP AS ABAP Dev Edition license for ASE 16.0 is now available, in SAP Trials and Downloads: Filed under 7.52 SP04, but is valid for previous versions.



If you’re not sure where to start with your new system, we have written several tutorials.