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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

So its been a little while since I wrote my blog post about the ABAP for HANA course, HA400.  Since then I've met a lot of great people when delivering the course, and its so great to see the excitement and interest in this topic.

Things have been changing fast in the ABAP for HANA world though.  For example a new approach for working with views became available as of SAP NetWeaver 7.40 SPS5 (Core Data Services views), and the same thing is true with Database Procedures – it is now possible to use the new ABAP Managed Database Procedure.

With AMDPs, the creation, activation and transport of the procedure is performed in the ABAP layer, which means that there is no need for a HANA Transport Container and no need to worry that the necessary objects will not exist when the ABAP application is transported to production.  So what is an ABAP Managed Database Procedure?  Implemented as a method of an ABAP class, an AMDP method is a method which doesn’t contain ABAP code – instead, it contains SQLScript.  Using AMDP, database procedures can be defined and managed in the ABAP layer.

If you haven't yet looked into what SAP HANA means for you as an ABAP programmer, book yourself onto the HA400 course and learn all about the latest and greatest.  For those of you who are SAP Learning Hub subscribers, we have a Learning Room dedicated to this topic, and as one of the instructors looking after this room, it would be great to have you join.

If you still need an excuse to jump on the ABAP for HANA train, you might be interested to know that the latest version of the ABAP for HANA certification is now available.  If you are a certified ABAP programmer, but want to prove that you have the specialist skills necessary to work on an ABAP for HANA project, then take this exam - and get in there early before everyone else!