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After offering a couple of different database systems over the last years, SAP launched SAP HANA Cloud in 2020 as a single cloud-based data foundation for SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform).

In order to assist migration to SAP HANA Cloud for the customers who have been already using SAP HANA database platforms (either SAP HANA Service for BTP or on-premises), SAP provides Self-Service Migration Tool (hereinafter Self-Service tool).

The Self-Service tool helps your migration journey to be easy and smooth by:

    1. Automating key migration tasks (catalog and data migration),
    2. Providing a migration wizard with a user-friendly and self-explaining UI,
    3. Checking compatibilities before migration to reduce uncertainties and identify potential issues upfront,
    4. Providing an SAP-managed secure temporary storage for export and import so that customers do not need an additional storage for migration

The Self-Service tool is provided without additional cost and available in SAP HANA Cloud Central on SAP BTP. And the tool has been constantly enhanced with new innovations, therefore you may want to keep an eye on our roadmap plan. Please be noted that the migration that is not completed within 60 days will be archived automatically.

As you can see above, the migration wizard of the tool guides you through the five phases: PLAN, PREPARATION, EXECUTION, VALIDATION, and FINALIZATION.

In the PLAN phase, you get the source database ready and check the compatibility of the artifacts in your source database with SAP HANA Cloud. This compatibility check will show you the result with the following Severity information.

    • Critical: These objects must be resolved, because you will not be able to proceed the migration without resolving them.
    • Error: These objects will not be migrated due to feature unavailability on SAP HANA Cloud side. Recommend to review these objects carefully and to fix the reported objects at the source HANA side depending on your review result.
    • Warning: These objects will be migrated, but may have different behavior on SAP HANA Cloud side. Recommend to review these objects and you can either ignore or fix the reported objects at the source HANA side.
    • Info: These objects are reported for an informational purpose.

The following is a part of the frequent errors we have observed so far. There could be many other errors depending on your source system, but I hope that this list could already help you prevent unexpected issues you might face after conducting actual migration of the objects.

Supported Migration Scenarios

Source platformSource cloud providerTarget cloud providerRemark

SAP HANA Service for BTP,
Cloud Foundry environment

AWS, AliCloudAWS, AliCloudThe target SAP HANA Cloud database instance must be provisioned in the same region as the source database instance.
SAP HANA Service for BTP,
Neo environment
SAPAWS, Azure, AliCloud, GCPOnly catalog and data migration is supported.
SAP HANA Platform 2.0,
 AWS, Azure, AliCloud, GCPOnly catalog and schema data migration is supported.

These are the scenarios supported by the Self-Service tool. More scenarios will be added according to our roadmap plan. For all scenarios, the SAP HANA source database must be running SAP HANA Database Revision 53 or greater. For further information about restrictions and prerequisites, you can refer to this documentation.

How To Use

There is a list of materials you can learn how to use the Self-Service tool as below, and more tutorials and blogs will be provided as the tool keeps enhanced and updated.

When you run into any issues that you can't sort out with the guide material at hand or you have any inquiries while using the Self-Service tool, please reach out to Migration Help Desk anytime. It is constantly monitored and managed by the migration expert and your inquiry will be addressed quickly.

Hope that now you have a clear picture of the Self-Service tool and feel confident to use it for your migration project. Then without further ado, migrate your database instances and have the benefit of all innovations we are offering with SAP HANA Cloud!