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You are an active SAP HANA Cloud Platform Trial user?

We have a new SAP HANA Trial Multitenant Database Containers (MDC) offering for you to try. It provides more capabilities and it is simple to use. We will retire the current trial HANA scenario and you won't be able to access the content which you have created so far. The official date when the old Trial HANA Instance feature will be shutdown is the 1th July 2016.

In order to preserve the content you should extract it from the system by following the steps below and save it locally for subsequent use.

Export of content from existing Trial HANA schema

  1. Add your SAP HANA Cloud Schema to the Eclipse IDE
    Open the SAP HANA Development perspective in the Eclipse IDE. Go to the Systems view ->Add Cloud System. Enter your credentials and click Next.

    Under the Schemas dropdown you can find your target schema and finish the import.

  2. Collect your Repository content
    Now, you have to get the content of your schema archived in a zip file. You have to open the Repositories view.
    Right-click on your package in the Default workspace and select "Import Remote workspace" -> Finish.

    Right-click on your repository package and select Export Package. Enter the target zip file's name.

     3. Collect your Catalog content
          If you have DB Schemas used in your project, you will have to export them along with the repository data.
     Go back to the Systems view. Open the Catalog and right-click on the schema you would like to export. Open the Export window and select "Export catalog objects to current client".
     Create a new directory and select it as a target.


     Now you have all your content at your hands!