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Here’s a new edition of my digest blog series providing an overview of the content I found when dealing with SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus).

Boosting Payroll Data Sources with BRF+

mary.doyle did a great job describing how BRFplus can be used in Payroll. Payroll is one of the topics I am often asked about … and my knowledge was just about non-existent zero up to now. Thanks for closing the gap. :smile:

Remove Duplicate Values from a BRF+ table

A rules engine never satisfies all of the needs of the possible use cases. Therefore, DSM/BRFplus has capabilities to plug in ABAP code easily. In his blog jrgen.lukasczyk gives a nice example of how to do so.

BRFplus Application Exits: Ability to Maintain Decision Tables

This is a blog about how to use an application exit to maintain decision table data in production. sanjana.lingras nicely explains the exit code. Make sure that you also read the comments as we no longer recommend the approach, instead we recommend the better approach based on DSM.

BRFplus Wish List

Israeli BRFplus Black Belt shai.sinai came up with this interesting concept: A blog with his wish list for new features. Let’s see what other community members think about these wishes and what they come up with.

BRFPlus: Restrict Users Through Application Exit Class and Roles

Authorizations fields, roles, profiles, and objects are all Greek to you? Then be invited to read adepu89blog. He also explains how to implement an authorization exit in BRFplus.

Generate Web Service for a BRF Plus Application

In the blog, sdiddiuses many screenshots and explanations to document how you can create a web service for a BRFplus function.

BRF Plus: A Real Time Example

This is a two-part blog series for beginners by faisal.pc:

Thinking Beyond the Possibilities of SAP Event Management with SAP BRF+

How do Event Management and DSM/BRFplus get along? Is it like Tom and Jerry or the opposite, Mickey and Daisy.  gopi.chandrakesan thinks it is the latter and his blog explains why.

BRFplus - The API Way

Once more DSM/BRFplus mastermind christian.lechner was on stage with a talk about BRFplus. This time his focus was the API and his stage was SAP Inside Track 2015 Frankfurt. He has uploaded his slides to slideshare.

Business Rule Framework (BRF+) - Create Rules Using The Business Rule Framework

This nice and very explicit tutorial shows you how to use the BRFplus rule in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Unfortunately, the author is unknown. There is no reason to write anonymously. 

SAP GRC 10.0 Training BRF Plus Agent Rule

A short video by Sam Kumar that shows BRFplus in GRC.

BRF+ Agent Rule Based on Role Functional Area Field Using TABLE OPERATION and LOOP

GRC is not my turf at all. Therefore, I am always happy to see practitioners write about it in combination with DSM/BRFplus. In his blog madhusapshows us how to determine the role owner using a BRFplus application.

CRM Rapid Applications - An Advanced Tutorial

With this blog duo christian.drumm introduces a nice application pattern using BRFplus. His excellent explanations and great level of detail make it one of my favorites. 

SAP Variantenkonfiguration mit BRFplus / Netweaver Decision Service Management

Patrick Müller lives in the same town as I do. He provides services in the area of Variant Configuration. BRFplus/DSM is one of his areas of expertise, as you can read on his new homepage (German only).

Use a DSM / BRFPlus Decision Table to Create a Value List

jocelyn.dartshows how to provide a dynamic value list based on a decision table. The value list can then be used in other rules objects such as decision tables. As usual, top-notch quality by Jocelyn.

Product Actions - A Utilities-Specific BRFplus Function with Multiple Usages

SAP for Utilities is a solution that uses DSM/BRFplus a lot. In contrast to some other solutions in which I struggle to find the right content, the use of DSM/BRFplus in SAP Utilities is well documented.  bettina.klinkeadded another blog which also links more material.

Validação Online com TDF

karen.rodrigues introduces to the Tax Declaration Framework for handling Latin American tax madness with DSM/BRFplus. But that’s not all. eduardo.chagas has created a blog series to explain the solution in great detail:

This is high quality gaucho work do Brasil. What many people do not know: Sou um gurizinho também. Looking forward to seeing family in Sapiranga,RS later this year. 