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Here is all from April in the Process Orchestration, PI & SOA Middleware, B2B Integration, Business Process Management and Business Rules Management communities.

The countdown to SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference has already begun, so here you will also find early May excitement.

If you are lucky to be on site in Orlando, May 14-16, we invite you to explore first-hand what’s new in the SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration area. If you are attending SAPPHIRE NOW, ASUG Annual Conference or both, you will enjoy great content and speakers. The blogs below are aimed to ease your navigation to your BPM, Workflow and Process Orchestration sessions:

susan.keohan, a SAP Mentor, SAP Business Workflow expert and ASUG volunteer has started a blog series introducing some of the speakers you will meet at the ASUG Annual Conference this year. Read on the “Meet the Speaker” series - it's fun and inspiration!

Alan Rickayzen

Martin Maguth

Torsten Schnorpfeil

Susan Keohan by alan.rickayzen

If you attend, do not forget to tell us about your experiences!

Wish you were there? Enjoy SAPPHIRE NOW LIVE!

SCN news

You may already know that SCN introduced game mechanics in late April. SCN's reputation program is now enhanced and even more exciting! Read all about it in this blog post by SCN VP chip.rodgers and the FAQ. If you haven’t already, go ahead and explore your own user profile to see what missions are available for you to complete! (scngameon)

More Moderators’ picks

There is still time to join the SAP Community Challenge (sapcc)

susan.keohan (@skeohan) is challenging you to participate in a unique fundraiser to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Check this out and join or support someone. It’s easy and fun and it’s a great opportunity to help! 

#SAPOPInt - Bipedal Process and Data Intelligence on #SAPHANA... Stop Hopping - RUN!  sapopint

Will the process finish on time to avoid disruption? In this blog alan.rickayzen shows how inbuilt SAP HANA capabilities come to the rescue. Business users can now see a panoramic view of the business processes and respond to situations in real-time as they emerge.

Also featured in the Technology News @ SCN, 8 May

Boost your Correlation Scenarios with Conditional Start in BPM

In this blog joachim.meyer introduces a blog series about the new Conditional Start feature in SAP NetWeaver BPM available as of EHP1 of SAP NetWeaver 7.3 SP06. Find out more in the related blogs by dominik.ullrich, peter.gottinger,, heetatt.ooi and martin.moeller.

Gartner BPM Conference - will never be the same – day 1, day 2 and day 3 

Missed Gartner BPM conference? Check out jim.spath’s “random thoughts” on the 2013 venue. Feel free to share your findings if you have attended.

Articles and Blogs

Conditional Start: Deep Dive (3/7)

Conditional Start: Monitoring (4/7)

by martin.moeller

Conditional Start: Under the Hood (5/7)

by peter.gottinger

Conditional Start: Examples of Conditional Start Scenarios Which Could Lead to Discarded Messages (6...

by heetatt.ooi

Conditional Start: Some Restrictions (7/7)


Using persistent objects in SAP workflows

by oli_gaspard

Using "Big" object instances and performance troubleshooting within SAP Business Workflow

Use Exceptions in ABAP-OO Workflow with custom text in workflow log

by florin.wach

ABAP Workflow in Eclipse

by anjan.paul

SAP Workflow Decision Task new capability to add notes

Dynamically change Priority of workitem

Dynamically change the Standard Task ID without creating separate step

Send mail step reduction in SAP Workflow to make the design small and improve Performance

SAP OpenText Vendor Invoice Management Demo

by arghadip.kar2

Process Integration: SLD, BS, TS Creation

Simple Object Access Protocol -> TO -> Remote Function Call

by vijay.vikram

SAP PI 7.3 Turnover/Change Management Process (Transport Procedure)

by harisuseelan

SAP PO: Removing pretty print/formatting from the response message of a webservice provided by SAP P...

by john.bilay3

How to migrate Communication Channels from SAP PI 7.0 to SAP PI 7.31 using Directory API

by carlos.ocampos

The SAP PI B2B add-on EDI capabilities unveiled

by dsannen

Principal Propagation using SAP Assertion Ticket CRM -> PO7.31 Single Stack

by ranjeet.singh2

Creating File Name from Mail Attachment using Standard Beans

by sivasakthi.danasekaran

Setup Multiple Operations Scenario in ESR and ID

Multiple Idoc Segment occurance to Multiple File – 1 to N Multimapping

by aashish.sinha

Easy Log Configuration - How To Guide for Seeburger Adapters

by stefan.hilpp

One Communication Channel for placing file into two different directories

by murthyraju.s

Accessing ResultList object, applicable from PI7.1 onwards

Hidden Tools functionality with ESR/ID JNLP files

by praveen.gujjeti

Converting IDoc XML to Flat File and Vice-Versa

by samiullah.qureshi

How to Configure AXIS Framework for Authentication Using the "wsse" Security Standard in SAP PI

by abidemi.olatunbosun

SWIFT… What is it?

Variable Substitution for Directory or File name.

by amarnath.kashinath

Yes it is possible to dynamically define the name of file in Multimapping

by gagandeep.batra

Enumeration in PI 7.1

Handling Referenced XSDs in SAP PI

by madhusreenagalla

Finding (or any other class) on the PI Server

by markus.windhager

Module PayloadGZipBean: Zip and Unzip Payloads using gzip

by roger.alluivall

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