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Do you have the need to check from time to time if there are errors in the application log for a specific object? SAP Solution Manager can do that for you and notify you, in case of errors.
From the notification mail you can navigate to the alert details ...

... and from there into the list of logs ...

... and via double click navigate to the individual log in the managed system:

What do you need to do to get this monitoring setup?

You need a SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12 or higher and in the managed system system ST-PI 2008_1_700 or 2008_1_710 or higher and (potentially) the following notes applied:

a) in the Managed System:

2229142 - Application Log Monitor on MAI: Alert Inbox and Data Collection improvement

b) in the SAP Solution Manager:

1. 2268975 - Metric Popup
2. 2304547 - Alert Detail List in MAI: Extensions for Special Monitors
3. 2344448 - The retention time is too short for the metric parameter in the table MES_DB_METPARAM

The general setup is like for all kind of objects for Business Process Monitoring on MAI.
The setup of the application log monitoring object itself following major steps:

0. Give a reasonable name
1. Specify the Object and optionally the Sub-Object (you can filter also by External ID).
2. Specify the Number of Messages key figure, as this metric is reported back every time the log you specified is found.
3. Optionally specify Critical Messages (as of SP14 you can also exclude messages) and / or Application Log Content as key figures.
4. Specify the Monitoring Schedule.
5. Specify Notification.
6. Save, Generate and Activate.

Regarding the Monitoring Schedule: As the monitor runs in a delta mode a high frequency of collection does not put much overhead on the system compared to a low frequency. The higher the frequency the earlier you will be notified in case of errors in the application log.

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