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Building on top of last year's format, SAP's flagship event will be offered more accessible than ever before as SAP TechEd Digital in 2021. For the second time as a virtual and free event, SAP TechEd Digital will provide developers around the world with access to innovation and interactive learning opportunities from November 16-18. Registration is Free.


Developers, technology experts and other professionals will come together to learn more about SAP's strategy for the intelligent enterprise and get up to speed on the latest technologies of SAP.

Special emphasis should be placed on the application development and integration capabilities of SAP's Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) as it is the technology platform in the intelligent enterprise that allows developers to seamlessly integrate and enhance applications, automate business processes, and deliver personalized experiences on an existing IT landscape. Due to this importance, we dedicate a content track around Application Development and Integration (DEV) at SAP TechEd in 2021 to the different personas along the developer continuum.


We are offering 5 sub-tracks.


Connect your enterprise with our intelligent SAP Integration Suite

Learn about the latest capabilities and features of the SAP Integration Suite. Its capabilities will help you to connect people, processes, data, and device everywhere, allowing people with different skills sets to leverage wide-ranging synergic integration approaches and intuitive tools. Besides, the available content will help you craft and implement intelligent integration scenarios to achieve a connected enterprise. The accompanying TechEd sessions to the Integration Suite are:


DEV106 - Get the Big Picture of SAP Integration Suite

DEV109 - Employ Modern Integration Styles and Patterns with SAP Integration Suite

DEV163 - Get Hands-On Experience with SAP Integration Suite


The success stories of our customers prove the powerful integration capabilities of SAP true: Check out DEV106 - Get the Big Picture of SAP Integration Suite to learn how Endress+Hauser leveraged the suite capabilities to enable innovation and reduce TCO and implementation effort.


Digitalize processes and workflows with SAP

Learn how SAP empowers you to better automate, extend and improve digitized business processes and workflows with its offered tools for experts, citizen developers and business users alike to maximize efficiency and gain end-to-end process visibility. The highlights of this sub-track are:


DEV104 - Achieve Hyperautomation in Your Business with SAP Process Automation

DEV164 - Develop, Configure and Provision Application Workflows and Content

DEV200 - Accelerate Your Workflow Projects with Predefined Content


Establish an engaging user experience across different channels

The SAP Business Technology Platform and its services allow you to create a consistent & engaging digital experience. Learn all about the latest in our user experience portfolio by checking out at least these sessions:


DEV160 - Scale Application Development with SAPUI5

DEV162 - Develop Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps and Mobile Experiences

DEV202 - Boost Productivity Through Central Access to Applications and Processes


Join DEV202 - Boost Productivity Through Central Access to Applications and Processes to see how ConvergentIS leveraged the SAP Business Technology Platform to provide a central, integrated and intelligent digital workplace experience for employees, customers and suppliers.


Build and manage cloud extensions using SAP’s tools, APIs and programming models

Learn how you can leverage our services, tools, and best practices to build extensions and operate them in the cloud. Whether you want to dive deep into code or stay no-code: SAP offers a great variety of tools that enables both professional developers and citizen developers to bring productivity to the next level. Get the latest on the SAP BTP ABAP Environment, CAP, DevOps portfolio and familiarize yourself with the newest low-code and no-code offering by SAP in the following sessions:


DEV100 - Witness DevOps in Action with SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

DEV101 - Discover Event-Driven Architecture with SAP

DEV102 - Find Out How Easy It Is for Developers to Use SAP Graph

DEV108 - Make Model-Driven Applications with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

DEV111 - Scaling App Development with SAP AppGyver & SAP Business Application Studio

DEV161 - LCNC App Development with SAP AppGyver & SAP Business Application Studio

DEV201 - Learn About Our ABAP Strategy

DEV260 - SAP BTP ABAP Environment - Integration with SAP Analytics Cloud

DEV300 - Get an Overview and Future Road Map of SAP BTP for the ABAP Environment


Of course, there are also great customer success stories that show the benefits of the extension capabilities of the SAP Business Technology Platform. Check out DEV101 to see the event-driven customer business case at Sika AG. To see how the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model helps Rizing foster innovation in a truly intelligent enterprise, check out DEV108 - Make Model-Driven Applications with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. On top of that, join DEV300 to hear All for One Group's take on the SAP BTP ABAP Environment.



Develop scalable multi-cloud applications on a secure platform foundation

Learn about the latest multi-cloud strategy of SAP and the innovations within the SAP Business Technology Platform that support you in your end-to-end development and deployment process for containerized applications on a secure platform foundation in the cloud. The sessions to attend are:


DEV103 - Exchange Data Using SAP One Domain Model

DEV105 - Manage Your Kubernetes-Based SAP Extensions in SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime

DEV107 - Discover Enterprise Security Services: It's All About Identity

DEV110 - SAP BTPs unified runtime strategy

DEV112 - Learn About Open Source at SAP

DEV261 - Build Extensions with SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime


For a peak at how Döhler takes advantage of containerization and Kubernetes inside SAP BTP and its related services, check out DEV105 - Manage Your Kubernetes-Based SAP Extensions in SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime.


On top of that, Channel 1 will be your main broadcast station and gateway to the event. Introduced last year, Channel 1 returns as the home base and favorite destination for the tech-savvy to tune in, get together, and collaborate. It offers 48 hours of live content, where each hour is dedicated to a specific topic and delivered via a mix of different experiences, including strategy talks by our senior leaders and experts, interviews with our customers and demo blocks. Tune in for the executive keynote on day one and the talks on the best practices for using SAP BTP in real-life scenarios and the platform’s strategic importance for application development and integration at scale. To enrich our offering in our sub-tracks, we also dedicated content hours to the ABAP programming language and the latest low-code/no-code application development offerings on SAP BTP.


So, what are you waiting for? Visit us at SAP TechEd to register for FREE and enroll for the Application Development and Integration Track sessions.