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BI Content is a preconfigured set of consistent metadata in SAP BW that represents the entire process flow from extraction of data originating in SAP systems, to data warehousing, to reporting. Providing complete solutions for business information needs, BI Content enables fast and cost-effective implementation of SAP BW. Follow this space to get latest news on BI Content features, releases, and support packages.

Key Topics


Delivered Content

BI Content 737/747 SP31 + BI Content 757 SP24 released to customers.

The latest BI Content support packages have now been released to customers:

  • BI Content 7.37 SP31

  • BI Content 7.47 SP31

  • BI Content 7.57 SP24

Also check What’s New on the product page for the respective version/release, for any new content:

For content release details see the notes:

  • BI Content Release Strategy Note: 153967.

  • BI_CONT 737/747 Add-on SP Note: 1808103.

  • BI_CONT 757 Add-on SP Note: 1985663.


Posted date: Dec 05, 2019.


Business Function /IMO/BW_CONTENT

Please do not activate the business function /IMO/BW_CONTENT, instead activate the business function /IMO/BWCONTENT.

Details in SAP_Note: 2257232.


Posted date: March 15, 2016.


SAP HANA-Optimized BI Content delivered to customers

SAP HANA-optimized BI Content combines enterprise data warehouse capabilities of SAP BW running on SAP HANA with explorative and interactive real-time analytics using the SAP HANA in-memory database. The new data model follows the recommendations for the layered scalable architecture LSA++, which is optimized for SAP BW running on SAP HANA.

SAP delivered for the first time SAP HANA-optimized BI Content in the following business areas

  • SAP ERP Financial Accounting – Accounts Receivable

  • SAP ERP Financial Accounting – Accounts Payable

  • SAP ERP Financial Accounting – Asset Accounting

  • SAP ERP Financial Accounting – General Ledger

  • SAP ERP Enterprise Controlling – Profit Center Accounting

  • SAP ERP Overhead Cost Controlling – Cost Center Accounting (BI Content 757 only)

  • SAP ERP Overhead Cost Controlling – Overhead Cost Orders (BI Content 757 only)

  • SAP ERP Overhead Cost Controlling – Overhead Projects (BI Content 757 only)

  • SAP ERP Sales and Distribution

  • SAP SCM Procurement

  • SAP SCM Invoice Verification

  • SAP SCM Inventory Management (BI Content 757 only)

  • SAP ERP Controlling – Product Costing Forecast & Simulation (SCN Blog)

The related BI Content data flows is delivered via the following content releases:

  • BI Content 737 for SAP BW 7.30

  • BI Content 747 for SAP BW 7.31 / SAP BW 7.40

  • BI Content 757 for SAP BW 7.40

For detailed information which SAP HANA Optimized BI Content was delivered in which BI Content Support Package please check this presentation.

SAP HANA Optimized BI Content in BI Content 747 / BI Content 737:

Advanced SAP HANA Optimized BI Content in BI Content 757 using the new/latest BW InfoProviders 'Advanced DSO' and 'HANA based Composite Providers':


Updated date: September 02, 2015.


Advanced SAP HANA-optimized BI Content available with BI Content Add-On 7.57 SP06

With SAP NetWeaver 7.4 BI Content Add-On 7.57 SP06 and higher the SAP HANA-optimized BI Content has been remodeled to take advantage of the new BW InfoProviders DataStore Object (advanced) and HANA CompositeProvider and requires SAP NetWeaver BW 7.40 SP10.

All replaced BI Content objects are now obsolete in BI Content Add-On 7.57  and are hidden through the Business Function “SAP HANA-optimized BW Content obsolete /IMO/BW_CONTENT_OBSOLETE”, but will be supported by the next support packages.

For more information about the remodeling and the available advanced SAP HANA-optimized BI Content per business area please follow this link.


Updated date: July 17, 2015.