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Last update:03.03.2022

In this blog post I would like to explain

Which APIs are released

What can you do right now to understand them


Which APIs are released

This is an exciting time for us that Project and Task APIs are already available for consumption. The Task API can be used to created and modify Requirements.

Project API

Task API

The full list of APIs released for SAP cloud ALM can be found here

How can you understand and experiment

You can start by reading following Blog posts

Try the sample code at

API Introduction Blog series

API updates


Special thanks to gordonleslie.mcdorman  and xavier.dupeyrat

What Next

Hope you found this useful .


We plan to create multiple blog posts on various topics, therefore, please ensure you follow the tag SAP Cloud ALM .

You can also visit and bookmark the blog post link below which acts as a Master list  for Project and Task Management in SAP Cloud ALM
Project and Task Management capabilities-Master List


For questions about SAP Cloud ALM, please post in the Q&A area.

You can also follow me by clicking jagmohansingh.chawla to get the latest updates