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With the Q3 QRC 2022 release of SAP Analytics Cloud, we delivered additional sample content to help you on your accessibility journey. In addition to the high-contrast stories and templates that have been available for a while, we added an analytic application and two themes that show you how to style analytic application elements dynamically in high-contrast black and white.

One Application – Multiple Themes

Avid users of analytic applications will already know that it is possible to have one application with multiple themes available. An application developer can set up two themes, for example one in high-contrast white and one in high-contrast black, and let the viewer decide which one to use at runtime.

Our sample application shows this behavior in action and the detailed best practice guide that we delivered with it gives you detailed insights into how to creat.... We tried to keep the coding to a minimum to make this useful to as many users as possible.

Figure 1: Screenshot of the sample application


You are of course not limited to our high-contrast themes, you can also change them and add additional company themes. Check out the sample application and the high contrast themes we provide which you can reuse for other applications. You can find them in the Analytics Content Network under Samples > SAP Analytics Cloud Accessibility Templates.

Figure 2: Screenshot of the Analytics Content Network


You can find the sample document Best Practices for Creating a Low Code Theme for Accessible Analytic Applications in SAP Analytics C... in the Digital Library.

Theming Planned for Optimized Story Experience

And one last bit of good news before closing up this blog: with the integration of analytic application capabilities into the story as part of the Optimized Story Experience which is planned to be GA with Q1 QRC 2023, the same functionality will become available in the story as well. So make sure to read up on the Optimized Story Experience and start converting now to take advantage...