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On June 12th we formally released SAP Predictive Analytics (PA) 2.2 and it is on the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP) now! :grin: .  For those of you who are not already using it, you can download a 30-day trial here.

What’s The Big Deal With PA 2.2? 

This is another big release for us with improvements and new features across the entire SAP Predictive Analytics portfolio. 

Instead of just listing the new features/functions, let’s take a look at how SAP PA 2.2 moves us forward in pursuing some of our core goals (note some features address multiple goals, but I’m keeping it simple here):

AA = Automated Analytics

EA = Expert Analytics

HANA = Native on SAP HANA

A better, smoother experience for data scientists AND business users:

  • (AA) Very wide datasets (up to 15K columns) support: Automatically handle very wide datasets to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your predictive models
  • (EA) Ability to share custom R and PAL components:  Enable other users to use your algorithms with ease.

Making data scientists more agile and efficient:

  • (EA) New Model Performance Comparison: Compare the performance of two or more algorithms and get a recommendation and detailed explanation for which one is the best to use.
  • (EA) New Model Statistics: Calculate performance statistics on datasets generated by classification and regression algorithms.
  • (EA) Support for R 3.1.2:  To make it possible to use the latest libraries
  • (EA) Support for multiple charts: Use more than one chart in your offline custom R components

Enabling customers to better leverage their existing data and investments:

  • (AA)Support for SAP HANA Views: Connect directly to SAP HANA Analytic and Calculation Views
  • (AA)Support for SAP BW on HANA: Use BW on HANA systems as a data source
  • (EA)Improved BW acquisition: easier and faster variable selection and handling of hierarchies.
  • (HANA)Updated Automated Predictive Library (APL): Now includes automated recommendation

These are only the biggies - check out the What's New Guide for SAP Predictive 2.2 for these and more.

My colleagues antoine.chabert and didier.mazoue have created an extensive and comprehensive post (Frequently Asked Questions - Downloading, Installing and Activating SAP BusinessObjects Predictive A...) that is very well worth reading as well!

Flashback to a Key Feature of PA 2.1: Lumira Co-Existence!

The new advances in SAP Predictive Analytics 2.x this year have generated so much excitement that it has kept our teams extremely busy – so busy I did not have a chance to publicize one of the most important features of SAP PA 2.1: Lumira co-existence.

YES! You can install SAP PA 2.1 (or later) on the same machine as SAP Lumira 1.25 (or later).  This was a heavily requested feature and now you can even have Automated Analytics, Expert Analytics, and Lumira running all at the same time.  Note that you will need to uninstall previous versions of SAP Predictive Analytics before installing the new versions that include co-existence.

You can find out more in this article: Lumira + Predictive Co-Existence: Good News Never Comes Single Handed!

How To Get Started?

  1. Download the trial!
  2. Check out the online materials and tutorials:
  3. Participate in the SCN Community: SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics
    • Learn, ask questions, get answers!

So, What’s Next For Predictive Analytics?

Our development team is really hard at work on the next version already and we are nailing down 2.3, 2.4 and even further down the line, so keep the feedback coming!  The Legal People don’t let megive too many things away, but here are just a few things that we are working on (** Note: these items are in a state of planning.  These can change at any time and are not statements of commitment or of future features).

  • Bringing our automated machine learning predictive services to SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)
  • Continuing our innovation on Hadoop and Spark to supercharge our unique Big Data capabilities
  • Even better integration with other SAP systems and landscapes, including SAP HANA, SAP BW, and SAP BI
  • Continued UX progression as we bring Expert and Automated Analytics experiences closer together.

Four months ago, I announced PA 2.0 (Introducing SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0!) and “predicted” 2015 would be a BIG year for SAP Predictive Analytics and so far it has been a pretty wild ride.  I would encourage you to set up alerts for the SCN Predictive Analytics Community so that you are always up to date. Simply go to SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics and select, "Start email notifications" on the right hand "actions" menu.

Now, download SAP Predictive Analytics 2.2 and go predict something! :razz:


SCN: ashishc.morzaria

Twitter: Ashish C. Morzaria (@AshishMorzaria) | Twitter