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Graph is a new and innovative capability of API Management, part of the SAP Integration Suite. Extending traditional API Management, Graph enables you to expose all your business data in the form of a semantically connected data graph, accessed via a single unified and powerful API.


Enterprise landscapes continue to expand in scale and complexity. Each additional system, SaaS, or micro-service introduces new protocols, data models, connectivity, and security conventions. Real-world problems often span multiple lines of business, services, and APIs.

Consequently, even the most experienced developers struggle to understand all the technologies and interfaces involved. Developing new business-extending client applications requires an ever-growing range of expertise and skills. The phenomenal adoption of low-code tools by nonprofessional developers further increases the gap.

Enterprises use API Management to partially address this gap: APIs can be renamed, authentication can be streamlined, APIs can be protected against unauthorized access or threats. But this doesn't address the deeper problem: separate, disconnected APIs from different data sources and systems.


The integration of a new and more advanced release of SAP Graph into API Management was announced at SAP TechEd 2022. Graph in SAP Integration Suite is now available for a limited time as a closed beta program, and includes the following new functions:

  • A configuration UI to create business data graphs - an extension of the new Integration Suite configuration UI

  • The ability to extend the out-of-the-box Graph data model

  • Graph Navigator (enterprise edition) - a tool to explore and try out queries on your own configured business data graphs

  • GraphQL support (in addition to OData v4)

Additionally, we are happy to share that general availability for the Graph capability in SAP Integration Suite is now planned for Q2-2023, as seen in SAP Road Map Explorer.

Create business data graphs using the Graph user interface in SAP Integration Suite


Explore your own configured business data graphs using Graph Navigator (enterprise edition)


Explore your data using GraphQL