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After a successful product ramp-up, we are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM) release 2.1. Customers across the globe signed-up for the ramp-up and showed keen interest to implement and leverage the new product capabilities.

SAP LVM is a powerful tool that lets you simplify and automate the management and operations of your SAP systems and landscapes running on physical or virtual infrastructures. Some of the key value drivers for choosing LVM are:

  • Automation of time-consuming SAP landscape administration tasks such as SAP system copy, rename and refresh including automation of post-copy processing tasks for both ABAP and Java applications
  • Centralized landscape management and operations including landscape-wide visibility and control across infrastructure layers
  • Tailoring to your specific business needs by integrating your own procedures

What’s new with release 2.1

The new product release brings various enhancements and innovations in several key areas and further improves the overall usability. Click on the image below to get a quick overview on some of the major product capabilities delivered with release 2.1 followed by a short description.

(click on the image to enlarge)

Provisioning SAP Systems

+ Provisioning SAP HANA systems: system clone, copy, rename and refresh for SAP HANA systems including automation of post-copy processing tasks

+ Synchronized clone of multiple systems: schedule an execution time for cloning multiple systems

+ Enhancements in post-copy automation (PCA): ability to open firewall automatically to remote systems during PCA BW execution and modify and handover of parameters to PCA

+ Template based execution and new template APIs: save system provisioning workflows as a template and trigger system provisioning activities using third-party orchestration tools

Landscape Management

+ Take-over procedure for SAP HANA system replication: a takeover makes a secondary SAP HANA system function as a primary

+ Rolling kernel switch: enable customers to switch the ABAP kernel without system downtime and with minimal operational effort

+ Target state for instances: allow users to define a target state (e.g. not running) for any instance and use target state as default selection during mass operations

+ Install PCA license: installation of PCA license can now be triggered centrally from SAP LVM


+ New custom operation types: two new custom operations (Confirm Action and Remote Function Call)

+ Validation constraints: allows definition of constraints for landscape validations (e.g. pool based configuration of validation)

+ New template APIs for partners: allows partners to integrate/trigger SAP system provisioning activities from outside of SAP LVM

+ Integration with SAP Solution Manager work-mode management: check Solution Manager work modes during SAP LVM operation execution and navigate from SAP LVM to Solution Manager IT calendar

Additional Enhancements

+ Enhancements in landscape visualization: Visualize system-storage connections as well as support for virtual volumes and virtual volume groups

+ Advance authorizations: visibility of Pools, Systems, Instances and Tabs based on user authorizations

+ Diagnostics agent Installation/configuration: install/un-install siagnostic agent on selected systems/hosts and configure the connection between diagnostic agent and SAP Solution Manager

+ Automatic update of external SAP Host Agent libraries: automated update of platform/storage libraries for SAPACOSPREP

Click for more details on LVM 2.1 "New" features


Please refer to these "important" links/notes before you begin your implementation project:

Summary of SAP Partner Integrations for LVM 2.1

Collective SAP Note: LVM 2.1

SAP Note: LVM 2.1 Support for SAP HANA

Official Product Documentation at SAP Help Portal

Best Regards,

Product Management Team

SAP Virtualization and Cloud Management