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SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite is the iPaaS of choice for hybrid integration needs. SAP API Business Hub offers more than 1450 integration packs to jumpstart your integration projects and significantly reduce your development efforts. Our rich set of capabilities that include comprehensive connectivity options, process integration, and API Management capabilities, complemented by SAP Cloud Connector, the recommended tool for on-premise to cloud connectivity. Although maintenance for process orchestration has been extended till 2030, we recommend that you still use Integration Suite for hybrid integration use cases along with the Integration Suite runtime in SAP Process Orchestration, and migrate fully to Integration Suite in the long run. For a more detailed recommendation and actionable steps on how you can transition to Integration Suite while protecting your existing PI/PO investments, check out this blog by harshavardhan.jegadeesan on the "Way Forward with PI/PO and Recommended Actions".

We are constantly listening to your feedback and trying to shape our offering to meet your integration needs. We are happy to announce that we have made significant progress in ensuring that your user experience is as seamless as possible:

  • Common launchpad for all our capabilities

  • Simplified onboarding and provisioning

  • Simplified metering and pricing

  • Redesigned Integration Solution Advisory Methodology (ISA-M) to help assess your organization’s integration maturity

Common Launchpad

The Integration Suite features a rich set of capabilities that offer a wide range of features. We want to ensure that you have a seamless user experience while using these capabilities. To that end, we are introducing a new common launchpad for all the Integration Suite capabilities. This is in principle, your Integration Suite home screen. You can access the services that you have activated. You can also access our product documentation, community, and other resources you might need to use our Integration Suite’s capabilities to achieve your use cases.

Here's a blog by my colleague vinayak.adkoli on how you can "Kickstart your Integration Suite Experience with the Launchpad"

Simplified Onboarding and Provisioning

We want to ensure that you get started with minimal effort. In terms of getting started with the service after your purchase, we are offering a new and improved provisioning self-service on the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit. You can choose the capabilities that you want to activate with a minimum number of clicks and get started with the Integration Suite. For more details on the simplified onboarding and provisioning experience, please refer to this blog on our community: Integration Suite – Simplified Onboarding and Provisioning

Simplified Metering and Pricing

We have significantly simplified the buying experience by offering an improved metering and pricing model. Going forward, there will be only one metric that will be a standard across all the capabilities – messages. This is in-line with the industry standards as well to ensure that you don’t have to deal with the complexity of what goes on under-the-hood. The current licensing ensures that all the integration capabilities you need are tightly integrated as a cohesive iPaaS. You have the flexibility to opt for multiple instances or a higher volume of messages based on your organization’s consumption needs. To know more about the pricing model, please get in touch with your account executives.

New Integration Suite Community on SAP Communities

Speaking of the community, we have also launched the new SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite community on the SAP Community site. Make sure that you bookmark the community home page and stay updated with all the content from Integration Suite experts within SAP and from outside SAP as well. Feel free to contribute to the community by sharing your experience, expertise, and experiments with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. You can also ask questions if you are stuck and find solutions from an exhaustive set of existing answers.

Redesigned Integration Solution Advisory Methodology (ISA-M)

The digital transformation journey is a critical aspect for all businesses to adapt to changing trends and consumer needs. Integration is one of the key areas of focus for this transformation and we want to make sure that you have a razor-sharp focus on what makes your organization to the next level in your integration journey.  To help you with that, we have now released a new and improved version of Integration Solution Advisory Methodology (ISA-M) to help assess your organization’s integration maturity level. It can give you a sense of where you are and what steps you need to consider going forward in your integration journey. Check out this blog for information on how ISA-M can help you.

Our aim is to provide you the best integration solutions for your integration needs and the new Integration Suite iPaaS is a significant step in that direction. Please let us know what you think about our new offering in the comments below. Any thoughts, feedback, suggestions, and questions are always welcome. Please comment below or reach out to us through the community or other official channels and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

I hope you enjoy your experience with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. I have also added some links below to help you get further acquainted with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite.

Integration Suite as a Service on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite combines integration capabilities such as Process Integration, API Management, Integration Advisor, and Open Connectors into a cohesive and simplified toolkit for enterprise integrations. These services are no longer available separately, but part of the Integration Suite service plans. The Integration Suite includes all integration capabilities in simple service plans such as standard, premium, and digital, with simple metrics of instance and messages.

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