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Sam Castro just published an excellent paper over on the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) space on SCN that describes how SAP Sybasse ESP can be used with MII for additional real-time analysis of events.  Here's how Sam describes the business scenario for using ESP with MII:


When integrating various systems in a manufacturing environment a need can arise to pass events and data values to a central event analysis system for correlation of these values in order to aid in the detection of larger scale events before they actually happen. The Sybase ESP product can very quickly and efficiently correlate streams of data from multiple sources and perform complex analysis on how the data could potentially relate or trend.

The paper describes in detail how to set up the integration that lets MII publish events into an ESP stream.  Within ESP it's then easy to set up the business logic that you wish to apply, analyzing the incoming events in the context of other events - in real-time - to produce alerts, notifications or trigger a response to what's happening. What's more you can capture the output from ESP in SAP HANA and/or display it on a dashboard.