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( Please note that the standard SAP Analytics Cloud connector for Qualtrics is now available. You can find more information in my blog Best Practices for consuming Qualtrics surveys in SAP Analytics Cloud .)

Is there any standard SAP Analytics Cloud content for Qualtrics surveys?

With the August release of Business Content (7th September 2019 - to be precise)  - we bring to you a new business package SAP Qualtrics: Customer Satisfaction.

This content is built based on excel export of results for a survey using the XM Solution Automated Project CSAT from Qualtrics.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from this content -


Get a total overview of your CSAT survey for selected products, be it trend of your survey responses and CSAT, geographical and demographic results, likelihood of purchase, willingness to recommend and understanding of negative comments.


Get into the details of all attributes addressed in your survey to analyse the satisfaction level  and importance given to them by your survey respondents.


Get further insights into your survey results by analyzing customer service engagement and all details on demographic responses.

Adhoc Analysis:

Freely analyze the responses based on measures and dimensions of your choice.


This content is built using responsive layout so it works just as well on different displays and devices.

How can this content be fed by my CSAT survey from Qualtrics?

Follow the standard content documentation's section on SAP Qualtrics CSAT.


How can I analyse results of surveys I have designed in Qualtrics using SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud team is building a dedicated data acquisition connector for Qualtrics. This connector will be available in 2020 H1.

Here's a sneak preview of what this connector will look like.

Today, it is possible to do an excel import of Qualtrics survey results in SAP Analytics Cloud.

I'll take the example of a survey and how I would use it in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Let's look at a simple survey here.

Here's the survey exported to word, where I can see the filed IDs.


I export the survey results to excel selecting the option "use numeric values".

The excel downloaded has the following structure.

I use the following steps to interpret the survey in SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • Remove the second and third row from the survey excel exported from Qualtrics.

  • Create a base model based on open ended question fields and other standard fields (ResponseId, dates, progress…) with 1 to 1 mapping, enriching geo if needed and adding a calculated column with value 1 (for having a single count associated with a response)

  • For each scale questions create a model using
    - ResponseId as a dimension and
    - unpivot the question’s columns
    - Add calculated column with value 1

  • Link all models on ResponseId

My models are now ready to be used in stories to provide state-of-the-art analytics.

Try analyzing your Qualtrics survey responses in SAP Analytics Cloud and be surprised with the insights you derive!