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Hello Everyone,

I decided to create this short guide on how to analyze the EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA dumps in SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR.

We need the following in order to precisely analyze this kind of dump.

1) Full dump details (You can also find this in ST22).

2) Access to SE16 to check the entries in the SWNCMONI table.

In the dump details you can always see two important sections for this analysis.

The first one is easily found under "AGGTYPE" in the dump details as you can see below.



WQ <<<

This is the profile name which SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR was doing the TOTAL calculation.

There is a strong indication that this profile is the responsible for the dumps.

The second one is found under "I_MONIKEY-PERIODSTRT" as you can see below.


L0 16

V0 20131001 <<<

This is showing us what is the period on which the SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR generated the dump while creating the TOTAL.

For the next steps please refer to the SAP Note 1110822.

1110822 - Workload collector: Reducing the size of aggregates

The SWNC_COLLECTOR_COMPRESSION report should be used in order to compress the data associated to the profiles with more than 15 thousand entries

in the table SWNCMONI.

Data you have collected should be entered as per the below screenshot in SE16, after this you can use the button "Number of Entries" to check how many

entries exist each of the profiles. The profile names are WD, WF, WJ, WM, WO, WP, WQ, VA, VB, VC, VD, VE, VO,VV.

After compressing all the needed profiles run the report SWNC_COLLECTOR_RECOMPRESS one time manually as per the SAP Note 1110822.

In case the dumps are happening to the current month calculation, the effects of the compressions will only appear in the next month and the dump

will disappear in two weeks.

You check once again the number of entries in SWNCMONI table to make sure there is an expected number of entries for each profile (less than 15 thousand entries for each one).

Hope you like it,



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