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Included in the next quarterly release of SAP Analytics Cloud scheduled for August (2020 QRC03) will be a new data preparation experience for acquired data. This new way of working will let you quickly fix any issue you may find in your data as you analyze it. In the new Smart Wrangler, you have access to all the necessary tooling to transform your data and add your own semantic enrichments. An overview of the Dataset will help you quickly navigate to the right column, One of the most impressive feature though is this new expression editor that lets you can create your own custom transformations.  Lots of great new features to help out the Modern Data Analyst.

In this first of a series of blogs about this new Data Preparation Experience I wanted for focus on how transitioning from the story, to the data and back to the story has improved.

The new data preparation experience brings acquired data directly into a story by creating behind the scene a ‘Dataset’ that lives within the scope of this story.  ‘Datasets’ are not a new concept in SAP Analytics Cloud, as Smart Predict already uses them behind the scenes. One of the benefits of using ‘Datasets’ instead of ‘Models’ is their reactivity to change, and the reason why is in how the two objects are being architected. Data in Models are stored as a star schema, where the structure of the model is reflected in the database. However, ‘Datasets’ can rather be viewed as a single table of data with the metadata layer sitting on top that defines its semantic structure. Because of this way of storing and managing data inside SAP Analytics Cloud Datasets are better suited for ad-hoc analysis while models offer better governance options.

This change in how acquired data is managed and held is evident when switching between the story and data. Just like the Superhero “Flash” from DC Comics, this advancement brings the analytic power of stories a wink away from data preparation. . While building stories using charts and other objects there often comes the need to switch to the data tab again to wrangle the data and then switch back to story tab to continue building stories with the enhanced data.  The speed of this navigation step has improved significantly and SAP Analytics cloud users will benefit from this efficiency.

Check the following video to get a sneak peak of the performance enhancements coming in this new Data Preparation Experience


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