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Until now, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud delivered an embedded version of SAP Analytics Cloud with a five user license, but most of our customers either already had an existing SAP Analytics Cloud tenant or needed far more than the embedded 5 user license. Therefore, starting February 2021, customers that purchase SAP Data Warehouse Cloud will then become two separate tenants, one for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and one for SAP Analytics Cloud.

In February 2021, this change will only impact net new customers, and for our existing customers there is no change at this point in time.

Thanks to this update, users can more easily re-use their existing SAP Analytics Cloud tenant instead of sharing one tenant with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud users are getting more licenses and can add more users easily.

With this change to provide our customers with two separate tenants, we are also providing our customers now full access to the complete functionality of SAP Analytics Cloud, including capabilities such as Planning and Smart Predict. In addition, customers can now grow the number of licenses and the type of licenses in the separated SAP Analytics Cloud tenant without any limitations.

Which changes will you see?

The first most visible change you will experience is the fact, that the Story Builder in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud will be disabled as you will be using the separate SAP Analytics Cloud tenant for story-building. The story-building experience itself will not be affected by this change. Your Story Designer can now enjoy the full functionality of SAP Analytics Cloud.

On the administration side this change will simplify things, as now you only have to configure and maintain a single live connection from SAP Analytics Cloud towards your SAP Data Warehouse System, and all your stories and analytical applications become now available in a single repository, simplifying your content lifecycle management.

For a few administrative tasks you will continue to use the application switcher and still navigate to the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud application and use the administrative interface.


With this change our new SAP Data Warehouse Cloud customers will

  • Receive SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud as separate tenants.

  • Will be able to use the full functionality of SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • Will be able to grow the SAP Analytics Cloud system to any number of users.

  • Will benefit from a single live connection type and a single repository for their stories and applications.

  • Still use the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud for a few administrative tasks at this point in time


Please note, that these changes are for new customers and that for existing customers there won’t be any changes at this point in time and please check in regular for more updates on this topic for further enhancement strengthen the integration of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud.